What Is CES And Why Should Anyone Care For It

CES has been around for a while..

Walt Disney once famously stated,

What ever you do, do it well. Do it so well that when people see you do it they will want to come back and see you do it again and they will want to bring others and show them how well you do what you do.

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES, earlier known as International CES) is an annual trade show organised by the Consumer Technology Association. The prime focus of this event is to showcase various new products and technologies in the consumer electronics industry under a single roof. So, what does CES stand for, really?

CES 1984

Inaugurated in 1967, CES is one of the oldest and largest technology events of our planet. The event witnesses thousands of products from the consumer electronics industry and more than a lakh visitors from across the globe. For over 50 years this event has given us a glimpse of what to expect in the consumer electronics industry. Usually held in Las Vegas every January, CES is a major event in the world of technology.

Today, the best part about CES is the immense reach and live broadcasts for the world to witness new technology and product launches. Over the years, the event has witnessed several celebrities launching products and showcasing their brand associations. From awkward celebrity bro hugs to wrestling stars endorsing microprocessors, this event is a mixed bag of treats.

So what does CES stand for in the tech industry?

CES is not just a launchpad for new products and technology but also a platform that exhibits the path-breaking future of where consumer tech is headed. Almost every piece of technology surrounding you was once showcased at CES and the trend continues till date.

Let’s take a look at some of the most significant products and technologies that emerged from CES.

1. Immersive content

A biker living his dream in VR | Image Courtesy: iStock

CES revolutionised the way we consumed content. Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR) and 360-degree video were first exhibited in CES. While these technologies evolve each passing year, CES was the global platform that introduced mainstream consumers to such immersive content. From VR gaming to 360-degree videos on Facebook, this is the event that showcased it first.

2. Autonomous cars

BMW i8 supercar at CES

Technology plays a humongous part in the automobile industry. Innovative car manufacturers are attention grabbers at CES since the past few years. Electric vehicles and autonomous cars showcased at CES have revolutionised the automobile industry as we knew it. BMW’s i8 supercar was revealed to the world through CES and the trend continues.

3. Smarter homes and Internet of Things (IoT)

CES gave us a glimpse into a world of devices connected to each other through sensors. Samsung made an announcement that every product from their 2017 line up will be IoT compatible. Today, this imagination has come alive. From smaller products to large appliances loaded with sensors, the future of device communication is not far away.

4. Drones

When drones flew above CES floors, many termed them as a toy and nothing more. Today, we know what drones are capable of. Amazon has taken the idea to sci-fi levels by revealing a unique delivery system which will consist of a mothership (levitating warehouse) filled with delivery drones for faster and efficient product deliveries across the globe!

5. Better and smarter televisions

Evolution of Television | Image Courtesy: iStock

From smarter Full HD to 4k and even 8K televisions, CES has been the platform for television innovations. Termed as the idiot box, televisions desperately needed an overhaul. CES changed the way we looked at televisions, literally! CES introduced us to several television technologies like AMOLED panels, Quantum dot displays, 4k HDR and much more.

While most of these television technologies are mainstream, other technologies are on the verge of entering your home.

Why should you care about CES?

Why not? Today, technology is not just a term for the nerdy. Technology can be compared to the air we breathe. Take a look around you and you’ll notice that we are surrounded by technology. Consider the fact that almost every piece of technology that surrounds your reality was once inaugurated at CES.

Every year, CES opens a new dimension that alters the reality of our future…

It provides a glimpse of things to come and does something that we thought was humanly impossible. It shows us our future. And, it does it so in a brilliant manner as it provides a controlled global platform for the best of the best to showcase their products and technologies.

And that’s what CES stands for

Thanks to several social media platforms, witnessing launches as they happen is much easier than before. CES stands for Walt Disney’s quote and is thus considered a benchmark for almost every event held across the globe. CES 2017 will start on 5th January and end on 8th January, 2017; but will stir a revolution that will impact us for years to come.

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