What Are Podcasts And How To Listen To Them From Any Device

Podcasts are fun

Podcasts are fun. And, they are essentially free all across the internet. The same cannot be said about their hosting sources. But, what is a podcast? Do you know how was this form of media named podcast? The amusing answer is, iPod + Broadcast = Podcast. No, you do not need an iPod to listen or view podcasts. Podcasts are primarily audio and could also be video content targeted at a certain audience.

Podcasts are therefore similar to videos on YouTube. Think of them as ‘audio episodes’ of a continuing series. But unlike videos on YouTube, podcasts are not limited to a single website. You can access podcasts from any device that can access the internet and has audio playback. Also, like YouTube, you have the option to choose a podcast of your choice from the channel you choose.

AM (Amplitude Modulated electromagnetic wave)/FM (Frequency Modulated electromagnetic wave) Broadcasts have limited options and stream in real time. Podcasts, on the other hand, are recorded and released on the channel’s predetermined time slots. AM/FM broadcasts are also limited by range whereas podcasts are available across the globe through internet. You can thus subscribe to your favourite podcasts through various sources and get updates on new episodes.

The beauty of podcasts is that they are not limited to one source. Users have the choice to choose their source of listening. Also, podcasts are immediately synced to multiple podcast distribution points through RSS (Real Simple Syndication). Hence, they are freely available throughout the internet sources, all at the same time. Let’s take a look at the ways you can enjoy podcasts and tickle your brains with an evolved version of radio.

Podcasts on smartphones or tablets

The easiest method to access podcasts on a smartphone is through apps. There are a plethora of apps one can choose from. There are both free and paid apps. The good part about paid apps is the freedom from unwanted advertisement pop-ups. You could get the free app of your choice based on user ratings.

Podcasts are fun and non-intrusive when you want to do anything else

Once hooked, you might want to get rid of the annoying ads with a paid app like Pocket Casts. Most paid apps would also allow you to download the podcast and listen on your commute without worrying about internet connectivity. Whatever you choose, search your categories and read the description of the podcast. Subscribe and enjoy audio enlightenment like never before.

Podcasts on computers

Like smartphones, there are dedicated software for computers to enjoy podcasts. But a proper computer is much powerful than any handheld smartphone or tablet. Thereby, you can listen to your favourite podcasts or explore them through several websites/web apps. Also, most podcasters have YouTube channels. It is always good to put a face to the voice you listen. Podcasts can thus be fun as videos as well.

Podcasts are inspiring and fun

Podcast hosts are real people talking to other real people to bring you insights of real or fictional worlds. There are storytelling and fictional podcasts too. Thus, the topics are humanly limitless. From politics, finance, relationship talks to inspirations, gaming, music and any other topic of your choice, podcasts can serve everyone for free.

Also, podcasts are increasing in popularity and there are tonnes of episodes worth listening to. We are only as smart as the information we consume. Podcasts empower your earphones, Bluetooth speakers and serve you well even when your eyes and hands are busy doing something else. You could enjoy podcasts while cooking, driving, commuting or at work. Listen and enjoy audio infotainment.

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