Men are easy, or so you think! Valentine’s Day is almost here and you are stuck on the thought of buying something cool for your man. It’s 2017 and the usual list of accessories for men seems like a boring choice to make. Technology is the name of the Valentine game, this year and beyond. Everything screams technology and so should your gifts. Today, the way to one’s heart, or any other part of the body, goes through an electric port. Such is the effect of technology and we cannot deny the impact of this on our daily and love lives.

Adhering to today’s need, here is a list of 14 tech gifts you can get him to get him! We assume and would not be wrong to guess that he already owns a phone which he loves and uses daily. Here are 14 other gadgets that will make him happy and eventually make you happier.

1. Fitness bands

Fitness bands are a great choice as gifts. Not only are they available in a plethora of options from funky designs to displays and prices, but also serve as a subtle reminder to stay healthy. If he is someone who takes care of his health, he would appreciate this gift even more. If he is mulling on the thought to start being healthy, this could be a good motivator.

Secretly you desire his fitness, don’t you?

2. VR glasses

Let him have some VR fun

VR glasses are cheap thrills in the world of Virtual Reality. All he needs is a VR app and his phone, that’s it. From VR games to watching his favourite series on a large virtual screen, VR glasses are an amazing gift for him. With Facebook and Google already supporting 360-degree videos, Virtual Reality headsets will make an ideal tech gift.

There are other benefits you can whisper in his ears. Keep it naughty.

3. Bluetooth speakers

Wires will be a part of history books sooner than we imagine. The era demands going wireless. Bluetooth speakers are a good gifting option. Most men listen to their own choice of music that make ’em groove. Bluetooth speakers are available in several choices, colours and functionalities.

Dance along, why don’t cha?

4. Bluetooth earphones/headphones


Apple has already ditched the headphone jack and other manufacturers will eventually follow. Wireless earphones and headphones are not only future-proof but also provide freedom from wires. There are several options available and some research is always helpful before you gift him a pair of music companions.

5. Smart watch

There is no denying that a mechanical watch will never go out of fashion and maintains it’s own appeal. But apart from looking classy and showcasing time, it does nothing else. Smart watches, on the other hand, redefine what a watch can do. They offer several other functionalities, from acting as standalone music libraries to quick app access without accessing the phone and much more.

Available in several sizes and styles, smart watches are a great gift. Do remember to research on what you buy and not just buying what looks the prettiest.

6. Personalised smartphone case

Add creativity to usual things

Smartphones are built to take a fall but almost every smartphone requires a case as an accidental insurance. There are many online services that allow you to personalise smartphone cases. Scout the internet and design a case for his smartphone. Be creative, girl.

7. Game controller

Controllers are gaming weapons

Boys love their games. Most men have a gaming console or a PC which complete their gaming DNA. Controllers or Joysticks are available in many options and choices. Do remember to choose a controller based on the console or PC your man owns. A man will always appreciate a good looking controller. If he already owns a bunch of controllers, try gifting him a driving wheel or a retro controller.

If he is a mobile gamer, you could also gift him a Bluetooth controller for his phone.

8. Funky smartphone holder or car/bike charger

A smartphone holder does not have to be boring. Search the internet for some funky smartphone holders and you would be amazed to see the options available. Also, if he owns a car or a bike, there are smartphone holders and chargers available for either vehicle types.

9. Portable charger

Portable chargers are life savers

This is a necessity in today’s world of gadgets. Gift him a portable charger that is sleek, sturdy and does the job. If he has just one smartphone, a small capacity charger would be enough. If he has more tech toys, research well and gift him a portable charger accordingly.

10. Kindle

Smart guys read books. If your guy is one among them or wishes to start reading, a Kindle will be an ideal gift. Apart from being light-weight, Kindle comes with a mind boggling battery life and can store a library of e-books based on the model you choose. Nothing better than the gift of words and knowledge.

11. Games

Gaming is in every guy’s DNA

Yes, games! Most men love gaming. If your man owns a console or PC, he will surely have a wishlist of games to play. You might require some help to know what games he owns and wishes to own. Choose games based on the machine your man plays on. There are several bundle deals available on games and he would surely love to own more than one. Game on!

12. Vaporiser

If your guy smokes, this is the best gift you can give him. Vaporiser, or E-Cigarette, is a battery powered smoking apparatus which reduces the risks of smoking. It will allow him to enjoy his smoke and would not adversely affect his health as much as a traditional smoke would. This is, by far, the best way to smoke.

13. Touch screen stylus

Boost his creativity

The stylus or digital pen may seem something of the past. And yes, it is! But if your guy loves scribbling around his notebooks and drawing designs, this could be an ideal gift. Available in pointer sizes and functions, a stylus is a great way for her to be creative right on her phone and/or tablet screen.

14. Gift card

Men can be confusing at times. Here’s where gift cards come to the rescue. Available in various denominations and for just about every store in the world, gift cards let him do the choosing for himself. Here’s an advice – get him a gift card from an e-commerce site so that all brands and services across the internet are available.

Enjoy your Valentine’s Day

No matter what you gift him, remember the line by Buckminster Fuller –

Humanity is acquiring all the right technology for all the wrong reasons.

More than material gifts, give him your love and attention. Make him feel special despite these gifts and enjoy your Valentine’s Day the traditional way.

Loves technology and follows it passionately. A curious soul trapped in a weird dimension.


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