4 Quirky Ways An Old Computer Can Still Be Re-Used

Ways to use your old computer
Old computer, re-used

A long time ago, you bought a computer and had a great time with it for years. Years later, the computer is now showing its age and the upgrade itch is bugging your mind. With the passing years, depreciation and reality have little to no return on your tech investment. Do you then sell your computer in parts? If you do decide to do that, will you get a decent resale value for parts that are generations old?

Most of these questions have unsatisfactory answers. But then comes another question – Can your old computer be re-used? Let us help you answer this question. Here are four quirky ways an old computer can still be re-used.

1. Used parts for a new build

Some computer parts can be reused when you build a new computer. Components like monitor, hard drives, motherboards, power supply, input devices etc., can be used again. Your old computer parts can thus be essential add-ons to your new computer build. Only thing you need to keep in mind is that is the component still relevant and not fully outdated as well as in good working condition.

Add old components to your new beast to beef it up

Not only will these parts beef up your newer computer build but also help you save some moolah. Older parts thereby enable you to get better new parts with the saved investment. You will still be left with several parts.

2. Make it a media centre

Most of us use large televisions capable of amazing multimedia experiences. Whether a normal large screen television or a smart feature based one, your television is only as useful as the content it can display. Smart televisions are only as smart, or lesser, as your average smartphone. They are only as useful as the apps they run or the ease they can access the internet with.

With your old computer as your media centre, every other display is your entertainment gateway

Your old computer can breathe new life into your television displays. Normal television with dongles or smart televisions, neither can be as functional as a thoroughbred computer. Download, stream and play content without the worries of apps and wireless connectivity. A decent computer with an entry level graphics card can play high definition content from local storage or global sources with ease.

3. Download and/or server rig

Not only can your old computer be your media centre for the entire family but also act as your download rig with tonnes of storage. A little research could have you making a low powered media centre computer, which can be coupled as a central media library for all the smart displays across your house.

There are many software that allow your computer to be the central source of media storage for all compatible smart devices with displays. Some handy research and you could trigger downloads on your trusty home rig from any remote location. So, when you reach home, your content is ready and waiting for you. This is also a great source for homemakers who are dependent on you for their media consumption.

4. Donate it

At times, you might have waited long enough to term your old computer as absolute for you. What might be a dead end for you could be a beginning for someone else. Trying to sell your system is another approach but the little amount you get will leave you disheartened for sure. Another alternative is to donate the system to someone who could benefit from it.

Open your heart’s gate and donate

You could donate the system to any of your relatives who might need one. This way the computer stays in the family and you can give it an occasional visit as well. If your friends and relatives do not need an old computer, you can donate to someone in need. Old age homes, orphanages, NGOs and many other social welfare institutions would definitely accept your donation with a smile.

Experiment with it

Bring out the curious kid in you and experiment with your old computer. The best part about old computers is that their processors were not locked unlike new processors. Decade-old computers can handle decent over-clocks coupled with good cooling solutions. You could also try better operating systems as per your choice. Wanted to try macOS? This old computer could be your Hackintosh system with adequate research on the internet.

The possibilities are limitless and your own computer is your playground. Get dirty, have fun.

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