How to Track a Lost iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch using Siri

A more elegant way to find your iPhone

We’ve already covered what crucial steps people need to take when they lose a smartphone. But for Apple ecosystem users, there are other ways to track lost iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch. And it involves invoking Siri. While the usual Find my iPhone works too, the advantage of going the Siri way is to be able to track devices hands-free. Simply by using your voice. 

For HomePod users, it will be even more amusing. All you have to do, is ask command your HomePod with your voice, and then wait till Siri wryly informs you that you left your Apple Watch on the sink.

How to Use Siri to Find an iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch

To begin tracking any Apple device, the first step is usually the same. Ensuring that Find my iPhone/iPad/Apple Watch was enabled during setup. If not, then you can simply browse to the Settings menu of your Apple device, then tap your name, then tap Find my. Ensure all the options are checked, including Enable Offline Finding.

For the ‘Find my’ feature to work, location access needs to be enabled on all devices. So as a prerequisite, ensure to do so on all your Apple devices. 

Next, say those 3 magic words once you’ve invoked Siri – ‘Find my x’ and replace x with the Apple device of your choice. 

  • Find my iPhone
  • Find my iPad
  • Find my Apple Watch

In case there are multiple Apple devices of the same kind, say 2 iPads, Siri will ask you to confirm which one you’re trying to locate. In all other scenarios, Siri will begin locating the device in question. Siri will then ask if it should play a sound on the device being tracked, to which you should reply Yes. 

That command will trigger the sound to be played repeatedly on the lost Apple device, till it is shut on the device or till it times out. All you then have to do, is follow the origin of the sound.

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You can even locate your family’s Apple devices following the same steps, simply by saying their name. For e.g. ‘Hey Siri, find Jay’s iPad.’

Bonus Tip

At times, we’re almost certain that our iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch is somewhere close but we’re still unable to find it. For such cases, you can always trigger Siri by saying something like “Hey Siri, what’s the weather like today?” 

Follow the origin of the sound again and voila – you’ve found your Apple device which you were struggling to locate!

If you know any more cool tricks using Siri, do drop us a comment.

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