Here Is Why Technology Is So Important In This Day & Age

Best to embrace the omnipresent technology

We live in an era of technology. From digital money to our real/virtual existence depends on tech. In a world defined by technology and its instruments, it is an important task to keep thyself and people around us, updated on tech. It is humanly impossible for anyone to know everything. But a little knowledge can help you make smarter decisions.

Thanks to the smartphone revolution, many of us are aware of the tech inside a phone. Thank Android and it’s performance dip over time for your phone specification knowledge. But, technology today is not just limited to phones. You would agree that a smartphone is capable of replacing several other gadgets. If not completely replace them, it can act as a viable alternative to carrying several gadgets.

What happened to the mobile phone is soon about to transcend into other pieces of technology. This is effective in every walk of your daily life. Technology is penetrating our homes, workplace and commuting routes as well. While the government forces stringent laws on how technology is available to the masses, they know the importance of it as well.

What is required then? The easiest means to look at technology is to compare it to your investments. May sound weird to compare money with something that changes each year. Hope you get the similarity. If not, technology saves you time and energy worth investing in. Here are things to do once you realise the importance of technology.

Increase your awareness

Like fashion, money and other media, technology media is available in abundance. Google is your friend and so are tech journalists. These are the same guys you rely on when you want to make a purchase decision about tech. These tech articles, snippets, audio and video are available on print, web and apps. If reading feels like a task, you also have video content on several websites (*cough* YouTube *cough*) awaiting your views.

Chose your medium and increase your awareness. Knowledge is power and technology is shaping our tomorrow. Enter the future with the power of tech awareness to help yourself and others adapt to a rapidly changing era of technology.

Smart use of social media

We are all virtually attached via the strings of social media platforms. WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and many other mediums could become smarter if you follow the right accounts. Also, remember that science and technology are close relatives. An advancement in a sector of either category could spark a butterfly effect on the world of tomorrow.

Use social media to increase your tech awareness

Making smart use of social media will not only make you justify the social media addiction but also make you smarter in return. A win-win situation for all of us. At the very least, learn how to avoid being a test subject to your social media companies.

Upgrade and update

You could watch your favourite sport for years and still fail if you were to play the sport in real life. In the same manner, awareness about technology is only as limited as your experience with it. Hop on the upgrade cycle before you start feeling outdated. Don’t stretch a tech investment beyond its actual life cycle.

Timely upgrades and constant updates on your personal gadgets will teach you more as compared to a thousand videos about that product. It might not be the most economical solution but then again investments justify their value after a certain time.

Technology is important, period!

If money is digital, so is our reality

All of us have witnessed the struggle of a tech newbie. This could be a kid, your parents/relatives or some random person. If you have the knowledge, share it. If you don’t, learn it. Choose your medium of knowledge and enhance your awareness. The world is converting into a massive technological hub. If your money is based on technology, your life is based too. Think about it.

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