How Is Technology Changing The TV Viewing Experience?

Our Attempt To Answer: Will We Still Need A Large TV Set To Enjoy Multimedia Content?

Technology has evolved our tv-viewing experience

Throughout the years, there is one device that had us hooked despite our age differences. It is the television. Take a look around you and you would notice that the television is an essential piece of technology that occupies significant attention in most households. A television is nothing but a large screen display without the content it displays.

Looking back in time, we have come a long way from the first images of Mickey Mouse broadcasted on a black and white display. Content is the driving force for television’s survival throughout the ages. From TV guides to on-demand content, the television viewing experience has changed.

Thanks to internet connectivity, the television viewing experience has witnessed an evolution.

Let’s take a look at how technology continues to change our television viewing experience. Television displays have gone bigger and gorgeous than ever before. But, in the fast pace of life, many of us do not have the leisure time to sit and enjoy these massive beautiful displays. Technology, like its definition, has eased the TV viewing experience. Here’s how.

Idiot box is now smart

Smart TV
Smart idiot box

The television was labelled an idiot box. Today your televisions adapt to your TV viewing experience with the help of several technological aids. From advanced operating systems supporting several streaming apps to smart dongles and smart set-top boxes, televisions are getting smarter each passing day. You are no longer confined to the predefined television schedules.

The world of television is now an open-world environment for you to choose what you wish to do. Cheat codes available too.

No more fighting for the remote

Remember those days? Thanks to the internet, the fights for remote control are now a chapter of the history books. Television content is no longer television exclusive. It can be accessed from any display at your convenience. Want to watch something else while fans watch a live match on the large screen? Now you can. Pick up your tablet or phone and enjoy your favourite television content at your convenience.

This is not just the power of convenience but also the power of choice.

Streaming services will spoil you by choices

You got to be living under a rock to not know what Netflix is! Just like Netflix, there are newer services available across the internet to opt for.

Apps that power your TV viewing experience
Spoilt for choices

Not only are you spoilt for choices, but can also enjoy seamless content viewing experience across your displays. YouTube TV offers live television channels at minimal costs while Amazon Prime provides free delivery services along with exclusive and on-demand content. There are several other apps that do the same and users are free to choose from the plethora of streaming services available.

Television viewing is still everyone’s favourite time killer

Television content was never as easily accessible as it today is. You no longer need a large display to view your favourite television content.

Watching TV shows on smaller displays
Don’t we all love this convenience?

With streaming apps, you carry your television wherever you go. During the age of expensive and limited mobile data connectivity, it was easy to get bored during a commute or waiting in lines at your next appointment. Today, television content is an app and a monthly subscription away.

Television viewing is an interactive experience

From live voting during reality shows to tweeting reactions on a live sports match, TV viewing is now a two-way interactive experience. True spontaneous interactions are a few refinements away, but something closer to this experience is being witnessed lately.

live sports still dominate TV
Live sports are captured and streamed simultaneously

Who would have ever thought that TV would become interactive? The future will see intuitive interactions customised for individual viewers. Be ready for VR riots. My weapon of choice will be popcorn.

Technology comes at a cost

You read it right! With the increasing inflation rates and newer technology, research/production comes with an early adoption cost. It is similar to the dish TV services we currently opt for. If you want content you have to pay for it. With best of the series from all these diverse production houses, the cost for television viewing experience is bound to increase in the short term.

Television viewing no longer needs a large screen television

While TV viewing hours have increased each passing year, the number of people watching content on their large screen displays has not kept up. Busy schedules and work days leave us with little to no time for enjoying content on our televisions or projectors.

VR TV is an experience untapped

Television content consumption has been on a rise on handheld gadgets. With possibilities of AR/VR allowing users to enjoy large screen experiences through smaller gadgets, investing in an expensive large television or projector makes little sense.

CURIOUS ABOUT THE FUTURE? We’ve also written about truly wireless charging of the future, if you’re interested.

Will the TV survive?

TVs are gorgeous and their potentials, boundless

Individuals experiencing VR/AR content is one thing and watching television the traditional way are two totally different experiences. Simply put, yes the TV will survive and evolve. Advancements in display technology have shaped the traditional idiot box to a smart and gorgeous device. TVs are a part of our living rooms and they will always be. Maybe not as the sole content consumption device but as a digital reminder of technological evolvements.

Imagine buying a display that displays the most expensive paintings in crisp details when not in use and turns into a gorgeous movie viewing experience when users want it to.

Loves technology and follows it passionately. A curious soul trapped in a weird dimension.


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