Tech Gift Ideas For Him And Her For Every Budget

Gifting tech ideas for him and her

Gifting season is here again, and like always, most of us run out of ideas when we have to gift someone! Whether it is him or her, technology suits everyone alike. Also, technology gifting is a rabbit hole we might want to avoid. Most gadgets are available in several prices and quality segments. Here’s a pro tip: watch videos or get a retail experience of the products you have shortlisted. And, shortlist these products based on the best value for your budget.

The good part is that technology is improving rapidly. Gadgets under every price segment are getting better every year. We’ve covered gifting ideas for him and her last year, so here is a list of all the best gadgets you can gift under various price segments in an ascending order for this year.

Best tech gifts under Rs. 2,000

Bluetooth speakers make a perfect gift for portable audio enhancement

This budget will get you the most value for money products. The choices are in plenty, but we suggest you do not cheap out on things that are too good for their price. You could get some decent pair of Bluetooth speakers, wired/entry-level wireless earphones, phone cases, phone accessories, smart LED bulbs, basic camera tripods, fitness trackers, power banks, Logitech Bluetooth audio receiver and much more.

These affordable gadgets are a good idea for a gifting spree throughout the year.

Best tech gifts under Rs. 5,000

This is a perfect price bracket if you wish to gift some quality products. All the products mentioned above with good brand names is what this budget provides. Not that all branded options are the best, but a little research is always advised.

Make your displays smarter with smart gadgets

Apart from the ones mentioned above, you could gift him/her a wireless gaming controller, Amazon Echo Dot, Chromecast 2, Amazon Fire TV stick, mechanical gaming keyboards, decent pair of Bluetooth earphones, laptop coolers, wi-fi routers (this may seem weird, but we all use them and an upgrade is now a necessity) and much more. If he/she is a traveller, you could get him/her a portable wi-fi router or an entry level Android phone.

Best tech gifts under Rs. 10,000

This is a very healthy budget with several options. Everything mentioned above is accessible from reputed brands. That apart, you can gift him/her several other gadgets.

A book lover’s ultimate tool

If he/she likes reading, an Amazon Kindle makes a perfect gift for a bookworm. Also, you could gift something that will aid your loved one in their work and personal life. A good capacity portable hard drive would make an ideal gift in today’s data-centric world. You could also gift them a prime 35/50mm lens or a wireless memory card if he/she owns a DSLR. If your loved one loves gaming, a custom gaming controller, gaming mouse, game DVDs, faster RAM and accessories will definitely bring a smile on their face. This budget can also have you gifting a good affordable phone.

Best tech gifts under Rs. 25,000

At this budget, you enter premium gifting options. From decent mid-range smartphones to premium quality audio products, this budget can serve you all.

Gift a smile

You can also gift him/her an Android Wear smartwatch, a Fitbit or an Apple Watch (Series 1 or 2). If your loved one is a gamer, gifting him/her a better graphics card or monitor with faster refresh rate would be ideal. You could also gift an entry-level DSLR with the lens to click memorable pictures on your next trip together. If he/she is need of a computer, you can also get them a decent affordable laptop. If you want to gift appliances, most of them would fall in this budget with up to 40-inch televisions.

Best tech under and over Rs. 50,000

No holds barred tech gifts

This is the dildaar (generous of heart) budget category. The world is your playground when the one you love deserves the best. From flagship Android smartphones to the best of iPhones, you could gift them their next smartphone. Also, flying drones and electric modes of transport are amazing fun gifts. Latest smartwatches and luxurious quality audio products make great gifts for the one. If their laptop is too old, you could also gift them the best laptop that suits their needs. If you want the gift a home-maker who’s not into gadgets, gift them an upgrade to the appliance of their choice.

Make them happy

Technology defines itself as a tool to ease human life. In a world filled with chaos, anything that eases your life is pure happiness. Gifting tech is thereby gifting ease and happiness. Make use of tech to ease everyone’s life around you. Use the ideas above and choose the best tech gift according to your budget. Make them happy.

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