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The newest Operating System (OS) from Microsoft is invoking joy and anger among its millions of users. If you’re loving your Windows 10 experience and want to make it even better, then stick around. If you’re looking for solutions for sticky issues with your Windows 10 laptops and PCs, then follow our posts and you should find what you’re looking for.

Windows 10 is now ready to battle with Apple

After several iterations of its Windows OS, Microsoft finally seems ready to take on Apple. With a closer attention to design and doing away with the infamous ‘Tile’ display, Windows’ latest OS is more functional and versatile. A redesigned Start Menu and Cortana integration gives Windows 10 an edge over previous versions. We will keep bringing you tweaks, tips & tricks and a whole lot more around the Windows 10 experience. This will not only enhance your experience on any Windows machine but also boost your productivity and efficiency.

Whether this version of Windows goes on becomes really popular remains to be seen, but we will help out in every step along the way.