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A Television is the gateway to the entertainment needs of every Indian family. Whether you plan to buy a budget TV or the latest Smart TV, we explain what to look for while buying a television and what specs are merely gimmicks. Watch out for explanations on the newest terms around TV tech and how the newest TV launch will impact the industry.

A Television is the hub of entertainment

Most of us get our news and daily dose of entertainment from the humble TV. Even though the Internet is fast taking over that role, most Indians still rely on TV sets. Buying a TV online is hassle-free as brands like Samsung, Sony, LG, Panasonic and others offer the same advantages for TV buyers from retail stores.

With our insights and expertise from the tech industry, we explain the terms that make an actual TV work. Differences in display resolution, LED and LCD as well as aspect ratios. We explain everything in a simple manner which makes your buying and ownership experience a whole lot better.