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A Smart TV can connect to the Internet, download latest apps and let you enjoy your latest TV shows without needing a cable subscription. But what if something stops working? Wi-Fi connectivity issues with your new Smart TV? No matter what brand of Smart TV you own, we have quick and easy solutions for everyone.

A Smart TV is so much more than a TV

Want to catch YouTube videos on a much larger screen? How about your Google Photos? A Smart TV can be the perfect device which can stream online videos, pull-up your photos from apps and a lot more. Leading TV brands like Samsung, LG, Sony, Panasonic and others have an excellent variety of Smart TVs in various budgets.

Available in 4K, HDR and many more features, the latest Smart TVs in India are spectacular. Picking one might be challenging, which is where Servify can suggest as well as provide tips to enhance your ownership experience.