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Photography remains as much a skill as it is an art form. With the advent of technology, film photography has been replaced by digital. Digital cameras shooting images in a digital format and the ability to quickly share it on various digital platforms has really given photography a boost. With apps like Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat allowing photographers reach a really wide audience as well as budding photographers to showcase their skills with no or little extra cost.

Photography is complicated, but which art form isn’t?

There are plenty of terms in photography and we’ve even explained the most common ones. It’s only after you’ve understood, and even tried them out practically, that you will begin to understand the art form of photography. At its very basic level, photography is about capturing a moment and showcasing your version of it. But with multiple modes, lenses, and editing techniques available, it’s hard to simplify it as such.

Getting a DSLR camera without knowing the practical use of one is foolhardy. Ask yourself some important questions before getting a DSLR camera. Also understand that investing in a camera is an important first step into the land of photography, so make that choice wisely.