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The OnePlus 3 from OnePlus is a flagship device by OnePlus, a Chinese smartphone brand. They are known to produce great phones at affordable prices. The OnePlus 3 builds on this philosophy and delivers a great all-round experience. We’ve covered articles on its OS (Oxygen OS) and will continue to serve newer and relevant content in the future.

The OnePlus 3 is how flagships should be made

Right from the build quality, battery life and performance – the OnePlus 3 feels like an epitome for flagship phones. The newest Android phones in India have great specs but seldom deliver what they promise. OnePlus have always focused on listening to their community at large and have made a great device powered with an AMOLED screen and a full HD display resolution.

The 6 GB of RAM may be overkill but no one is complaining. The Snapdragon 820 ensures that things run smoothly on the Oxygen OS while gaming, multitasking or running heavy-duty apps like video editors.