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Laptops now come in various shapes and sizes and with touchscreens and removable keypads. Windows 10 has added a new dimension to the laptop ownership experience, whether it’s good or bad will depend on your use-case and your personal preferences. We cover the latest laptop launches which are launched in India along with the best ones that you can buy in a certain budget.

Laptops for every use-case

Laptops are excellent portable machines that are powerful, run on the latest Intel core processors offering great performance. The evolution of technology has made it possible for them to be thinner and more powerful than ever. With the advent of Windows 10, we now have 2-in-1 hybrid laptops too. Microsoft’s own Surfacebook series are excellent portable PCs too and we’ll only see more such devices in the future.

Even Apple’s own Macbooks are excellent portable devices which can enable you to work from anywhere. Stay productive and keep your laptop devices in great shape with our tips.