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Apple’s iOS powers their iPhones – right from the original iPhone which was unveiled by Steve Jobs in 2007 to the newest iPhone X, with gesture navigation and barely any bezels. Though the operating system is a little more restrictive than Google’s Android OS, it does give more control to user’s privacy. iOS has evolved with the changing behaviour of users adoption of technology, while venturing cautiously to incorporate technology that seems ahead of its time.

iOS is about reliable and robust smartphone experience

Apple has carefully built iOS to be more reliable and robust than any other smartphone operating system in our era. Android OS is open source and open to many customisations but iOS is more about getting several updates and work without glitches.

Over the years, iOS has gone through several redesigns and now incorporates gesture controls for nearly bezel less phones like the iPhone X. While there were no issues about fragmentation of iOS a la Android, this new step by Apple might just be the beginning of that.