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The world of Internet is filled with interesting things but some terminologies are confusing. We help break these down for you. High-speed broadband not producing decent connection and download speeds? We separate the jargon from the actual usefulness of technology and explain how it works.

The Internet is vast and full of secrets

Not everyone is familiar about the fact that the Internet and the World Wide Web (www) are two separate things. The Internet is the entire network of connected devices and the webpages hosted on public domains. We have easy access to most of it, while the dark web (or the illegal side of the web) is what one must avoid.

The stories on Internet deal with evolution of online technology, online services, and how best you can make use of this vast source of information to your advantage. We cover breaking news around the web while breaking it down to relevant bits and explain what the fuss is really about. Follow us to stay updated about the newest developments on broadband connectivity, fibre optic connections and DSL connections.

Confused about which browser is best for Windows or Mac? We can help with those, as well as recommending the best plugins and extensions that can enhance your browsing experience further.