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Hardware is the quintessential building block for technology. With the advent of microprocessors, we have seen the size of powerful gadgets shrink from the size of a room to the palm of our hand. From desk computers to laptops to smartphones and now smart speakers, we have seen hardware evolve in various ways. The building block for any new device or appliance is always going to be its hardware, making it the most important part of emerging technology.

Hardware is not going anywhere

While software has made great strides in recent years, we continue to be amazed with the kind of hardware that is available. Processors are now testing physical laws while still running faster than ever, camera hardware is getting smaller and yet has more pixels and ambient computing continues to take our computing experience to new heights.

Graphic cards, sound cards, memory chips, CMOS batteries were all part of our geek lexicon just a few years ago. However, this will quickly be changing to include terms like chipsets, modules, RGB lighting and who knows what else.