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Whether it is customisation of a Windows 10 PC for cosmetic changes or to add more value to an Android device, we cover the topic in great range. You will find great articles on customisation related to various OS’ like Mac OS, Windows 10, iOS, Android and Windows as well as a range of products running on them.

Customisation is for the tweakers, but..

Even though customising devices is mainly the domain for folks who love to tweak and fiddle around with settings, it shouldn’t be restricted to them. Anyone can make use of customisation tips and tricks that we publish on a regular basis. No matter what platform you use and whether you use an Android phone, an iPhone or a Windows 10 PC, we can help you with cool tips to enhance the look, feel and functionality of your device.

Changing ringtones is passè, let’s talk about Custom ROMs, Kernels, Rainmeter skins for Windows and Hackintosh projects! We’re all about those – and more!