5 Invaluable Tips To Enhance Your Smart TV Ownership Experience

Planning to buy a Smart TV or already have one and questioning your smartness? Smart TVs are the evolution of what was once called an Idiot Box. For better or for worse, the Idiot Box has evolved into a Smart TV that fulfils most of our audio visual curiosity. It is as easy as touching a button or a touchscreen display, or speaking through a microphone hidden in plain sight.

Time ages everything and hence a tech upgrade forces a product update. Upgrading to a Smart TV and the entire ecosystem revolving around this upgrade needs smart attention. Here are 5 Smart tips for Smart TV owners to utilise theirs sets even more smartly.

1. Smartness requires data

Take the internet out of a Smart TV and you lose out on most of its smartness quotient. With most Smart TVs being 4K enabled and 1080p being the standard of this generation, internet data speeds play a vital role. For streaming, one needs a stable high-speed internet connection.

Smart TV
Internet is the fuel for Smart TV

Also, Smart TVs connect over Wi-Fi and hence your router placement is important. Ensure that you have a high-speed internet with a capable router and sufficient range to ensure buffer-free video streaming.

2. Smart use of connectivity options

Your Smart TV will feature wireless connectivity and support external wired/wireless accessories. For optimal use of any Smart TV, it is essential to use these connectivity options to the best of user ability. To ease your search queries and aid any typing task, it is advisable to pair your TV with a wireless keyboard. Preferably, one with a touch panel. If you are planning to game on a large display, connect a wireless controller and you’re sorted.

A wireless keyboard will ease typing on a Smart TV

You can alternatively use your Bluetooth functionality to connect your wireless headphones for private listening. Pair a wireless speaker system for a neat minimal setup. Our homes are evolving into smarter environments with voice controlled operations and your Smart TV will be an essential piece of this smart puzzle.

Use all your displays to their fullest potential

Also, you can use these varied connectivity options and turn your smartphones or tablets into secondary screens. Not only can your handheld devices act as alternatives to your remote but also as intelligent aids to a smart experience.

3. Use available space smartly

Your Smart TV is similar to a low or mid-range smartphone with an enormous display. Like low and mid-range smartphones, Smart TVs have certain limitations. The most prominent being space. With an array of features and apps pre-loaded on most Smart TVs, users have limited storage to play around with.

Internal storage on Smart TVs is limited

App Stores (or the internet as a whole) are loaded with apps for Smart TVs. Although the hardware might seem like a phone, it is not meant to be used like one. The limited internal storage space is subject to app data pillage over a certain period of time. Adding apps that would not be used regularly are a waste of critical space.

Also, several apps and crowded internal storage could result in a slower Smart TV over a period of time. Hence, pay attention to your internal storage space and load apps accordingly. This is especially important when you think of playing games on a large screen.

4. Offline media library

Why do we need something offline when we are constantly connected? Remember, the most crucial part of realisation is your geographical coordinates. We live in India and are subject to data down times. What happens to your Smart TV after losing internet connectivity is a choice. It could either be crippled without content or display content stored offline.

Choose a drive that suits your needs for an offline media library

Most Smart TVs allow USB connectivity. Utilise these ports to attach an external storage drive. With offline content offered as an option, added storage seems like a smart idea.

You can also transfer content to the hard drive over the air from your phone or laptop or desktop. One can build a media library that can be accessed via media playback apps on your Smart TV.

5. Update the software and learn to side-load apps

As explained earlier, Smart TVs are like Smartphones and Tablets with larger displays. Like the latter, they have to stay updated with time. Most manufacturers allow over-the-air updates to their Smart TVs to keep them updated, others do not have this option.

Update your Smart TV’s software regularly

Regardless of over-the-air update compatibility, Smart TVs get software updates and there are several ways to initiate them. Most common being, downloading the latest software and pushing it to the TV via USB drives. Either way, keep an eye on the latest software for your Smart TV.

Also, most apps are not available on the Play Store or some Smart TVs might not even have the Play Store app. In this case, it is wise to learn how to side-load apps. A Smart TV is just as smart as the apps on it. Go ahead, explore.

Smartness is not about the TV but how you use it

A Smart TV is not smart if you play dumb. Utilise the features it comes loaded with and ease your TV operating experience. Hope the above list will aid your smartness. Our website is loaded with tips and meaningful smart content. Browse and expand your awareness.

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