How To Silence The Noisy Mixer In Your Kitchen

Mixer grinders are loud but you can turn their noise levels down

Since most Indians love to eat home-cooked food, there’s always a bunch of appliances you’d find in our kitchens. One of them is the handy mixer. The one that can chop your onions without making you cry or make a puree of tomatoes within a matter of minutes. The only downside? The noise.

It can be quite annoying to the rest of the family when there’s too much noise emanating from the kitchen alone. Since there is a motor with blades that keeps running the entire time anything needs chopping, the mixer will be noisy. But there are a few things to try to minimise the Before I Fall movie online now

1. Move it away from any wall

Bouncing sound waves off of walls tend to accentuate noise. The same is true for mixers that are kept next to or close to walls. If you move them a few inches apart, it should help in reducing the noise levels a bit.

The best solution would be to keep it in the middle counter, if you have a large kitchen. If not, then definitely move it as far aways from the walls as you possibly can.

2. Put it atop a mat

Another quick and easy way of minimising the noise from any mixer is placing it on a towel mat. These inexpensive items are usually lying around most households and can be moved below the mixer when it’s being used.

Time to re-purpose floor mats

Another cool trick is to use a double-sided tape on your kitchen counter to hold the mixer steady. For an older mixer/grinder with a worn out body and motor, vibrations tend to cause more noise than anything. This trick can greatly reduce that, in effect reducing noise.

3. Night preparations

If your early morning rituals are causing a din and messing up the sleep cycles of other family members, then switching to a different time slot works quite well. It may not be an ideal solution but hey, it works!

4. Step up your game!

If none of these tips work for you then the only way forward is to look for potential upgrades. There are some available mixer-grinders in India which are supposed to be quiet but do test these out at your local retail outlet before buying.

Mo problems, mo solutions

If there’s any other appliance that is causing you grief, then we’d like to help you out. Drop a comment and we’ll get cracking on solutions for any and every kind of issue that you face.

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  1. After using butterfly mixer grinder my ears started aching badly. I noticed that I had placed the mixer grinder close to the wall in a small kitchen that has no ventilation. My ears are still paining .? Anything to worry about ? How do I get my ear back to normal???

  2. Hello.
    My cello electric chopper makes very loud whistling sound when in use.The sound is ear deafening.Pls help


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