Should You Root Android Phones? Does It Make Sense In 2017?

To Root Or Not To Root?

Is rooting needed in 2017? | Image Courtesy: iStock

Rooting an Android is like jailbreaking an iPhone or akin to gaining admin rights in Windows. But 2017 has sneaked up on us and the need to root Android phone seems irrelevant now. Or does it? Phones are made with every type of user in mind and hence come with certain default settings. While certain phones allow for a more customised user experience, rooting unlocks a whole new dimension of device control.

Here are 5 things a rooted phone can do, to make the argument for rooting :-

1. Uninstall bloatware

Preloaded apps will slow down your phone over time

With several tech collaborations come unwanted bloatware apps in your smartphone. Most of these apps cannot be uninstalled. These apps also run as background processes and might slow your phone over time. When you root Android phone, you grant it permissions to remove such bloatware for good.

2. Increase your device’s performance and battery life

root android phone
Gamers demand performance

As I stated earlier, phones are designed with everyone in mind. Though not everyone uses their phones alike. With rooting, you enter the world of granular device control. You can acutely control the way your device behaves. If gaming makes you lit, increase your phone’s performance by overclocking it. Custom kernels allow you to control the way your processor behaves. Fiddle around to find the best balance of performance and battery life.

3. Unlock a world of customisations

Unlock a world of customisation

We customise our phones to suit our requirements. A root enabled phone provides an array of visual and interface customisation. You can truly customise your Android experience, thanks to several passionate developers. If you do not like your stock ROM, flash a custom one. Automate your device, customise the interface theme, mod your OS and a lot more is possible when your device is rooted.

4. Explore the hidden world of apps

Wish to automate your phone? Apps like Tasker grant you control of your device and unleash the potential of automation on any Android. Xposed framework grants you access to a world of modules. These modules enable all kinds of customisation allowing users to enhance the look or add features to their device.

Hate ads? Install apps that will block ads across apps. Want a complete backup with in-app settings, saved games and ability to uninstall bloatware? Titanium backup is your answer. The world of apps is boundless.

5. Extend the life of your smartphone

Smartphones can be used longer than we expect

What is the life of a smartphone? How long should one use it? Most phones today feature hardware that can last a couple of years with ease. Manufacturers restrict software support to their existing devices as newer devices are launched. Eventually, lack of an essential piece of code knocks on your phone.

Even though every OEM might not support rooting Android phones, if you can live with the risks, the payoff is great.

Rooting enables you to stay updated with the latest versions of Android despite your phone’s age. Installing custom ROMs will not only add features and software updates but also extend your smartphone’s life.

Root Android phone when ready

If you are tired of your default phone settings and desire a greater amount of control, there is nothing better than rooting it. Most users will be content with their phone’s performance for now. Remember, your phone will age eventually. When it does, you may want to consider rooting it to flash the latest Android OS and features of the future. Either way, learning educates. Try it.

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