5 Must Have Gadgets To Form Your Personal Tech Arsenal For 2018

Tech ideas to help you adapt in an ever-changing world of technology

Look around you, technology is everywhere. In fact, you might be BFFs with none other than your smartphone of choice. In today’s tech world, insuring yourself with tech is being smart. We have covered many ways to ensure your tech investments yield the best results. This year has been a whirlpool of technology advancements. Some good, some weird and much more.

In such an ever-changing tech realm, how do you ensure that your tech investments are worth it? Phones and laptops changed their form factor and software, this year. This time it is a much subtle (subtle for consumers but a big leap in machine learning and AI for manufacturers), yet an impressive evolution. Technology and local manufacturing policies have made gadgets affordable than ever. Manufacturers are pushing towards a true wireless future. Here is a list of essential items to prepare your tech arsenal for an ever-changing tech realm.

We would not be talking about phones or products, as they are personal choices and subject to change at any moment. This list will adhere to every gadget you own or upgrade to.

1. Fast charging power bank

Wondering why is this the first item on this list? Most gadgets you carry and use, run on batteries. Battery technology is awaiting a major revolution and we are stuck with technology developed decades ago. Since battery tech will take time to get better, the only option we have is to carry our own battery backup.

Affordable fast charging is easier than ever before

Your devices are only as useful as their battery efficiency. Keeping them charged is an important task if you wish to make optimum use of your gadgets. With Made in India projects, quick charge enabled power banks have become affordable. Most gadgets today and in the future are going to support fast charging. Hence, getting a quick charge enabled power bank is an obvious and an important choice.

2. Dongles

Thanks to major manufacturers getting rid of some significant ports, the dongle life is a reality. Expect future gadgets to follow their flagship counterparts in a move to get rid of some popular ports. This may be a step into the wireless world of tomorrow but not a feasible one for those who are going through this forced transition.

If you are someone who adores quality wired music and the ease of using multiple ports on a machine, dongles are for you. The best part is that accessory market is booming and dongles bring some added functionality to any utilitarian task. For e.g. USB Type-C to headphone jack + USB Type-C dongle with an additional amp can bring the extra oomph to your tunes. This applies to both smartphone and laptop users.

3. Wireless accessories

Nothing beats the convenience of going wireless. The freedom from cables is the definite future. Preparing, and getting used to it, is a no-brainer. With the omission of our beloved headphone jack and other ports, wireless accessories are a smart investment.

We live in the future, today

Wireless technology is improving each year. Today, wireless technology allows for better audio and I/O connectivity with several users and devices. The range and power efficiency levels are on a rise as well. Soon, a sustainable wireless future will be here and everyone must be prepared. Remember to keep your accessories charged.

4. Cables and universal travel adapter

This may sound ironic, especially after the wireless future mentioned above. Wireless charging works under close proximity and hence is far from being practical. Cables are not just required to charge your devices but also to help you connect with other ports.

A set of essential cables is an important addition to anyone’s tech arsenal. Also, if you are someone whose job, or passion, demands travelling, buying a universal travel adapter is a smart choice. Remember to invest in good quality cables and adapter.

5. A weather-proof backpack/bag with ample pockets

Your tech arsenal is incomplete without a weather-proof backpack or a bag that can carry all your gadgets and accessories. Ensure that your backpack/bag has enough space and compartments for all your technology assets. Finding a weather-proof backpack/bag could be a task, but the utility and insurance are worth it.

A weatherproof backpack is a worthy investment for all your tech toys

Also, ensure that the backpack/bag has sufficient padding all across to protect your gadgets from impacts. If a backpack/bag is something you already own, then you could get an elastic organizer to store all your gadgets in a secure manner.

Tech arsenal – unlimited firepower

Most of us might have a thing or two from the list mentioned above. For those who don’t, what are you waiting for? Technology is changing at a rapid rate than ever before. Consider your tech arsenal as the ammunition to your tech weapons. Weapons may change but the ammo will serve you unlimited firepower.

Think about it.

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