How Important Is A Voltage Stabiliser In India?

Tips to make you a smart electric consumer

A majority of us Indians live in areas where electricity and voltage fluctuations are not an issue. But, same cannot be said for most developing and under-developed areas across the country. These places have untimely power outages, voltage fluctuations and mediocre protection against lightning. “Accept it and deal with it” is the attitude we apply.

Thanks to all the technological advancements, we have electronic devices across our household and offices. Their numbers will increase as time progresses and electric energy could be the fuel of tomorrow. Most appliances do come with surge protection but there is a threshold to their capabilities. The ones that do not, could suffer severely in case of voltage fluctuations or lightning strikes around your vicinity.

How can we safeguard our beloved appliances and devices?

We invest a substantial amount of money in upgrades to our appliances and gadgets. Since cases and careful usage make our device’s life safer, so should any device’s protection be assured, when it is plugged into a power socket. Here are certain things one can do:

1. Get an inverter with surge protection and voltage stability

Inverters are a worthy investment. Not only can they provide backup when needed but also protect your devices provided you choose the right inverter. It’s an excellent solution for most households and small offices. Check the numbers when you get an inverter and get the one that suits your appliance family with some room for expansion.

The number of devices will increase for sure. Ensure your inverter can handle the added load.

Inverters are comparatively a large investment, but the returns are large too. Choose wisely and remember to choose something better than what you need for now. Before you know it, the simplest appliances could be running on electric energy in no time.

2. Get a stand-alone voltage stabiliser

If you are buying a new appliance, you might as well ask for a voltage stabiliser as a complimentary gift. These are comparatively an affordable option to assure protection against voltage fluctuations and lighting strikes.

Unlike an inverter that can protect all your devices and more, a voltage stabiliser can support only one or two devices. Hence, you require more stabilisers for each appliance and that might be a concern for minimalists.

3. Upgrade to products with built-in surge protection

This is a rare option in most devices, but nonetheless, it exists. You can get devices and appliances with built-in surge protection. These devices block voltage fluctuations as they sense them.

Most phone batteries come with surge protection based on a limited threshold

Be aware, as this feature is quite hard to find on most products. Possibly future products will have the same considering the planet is becoming a global market.

4. Switch to smart switches

Yes, this is the era where technology can do many things. One such interesting way of turning your home into a smart one is by switching to smart switches. These will plug over your existing sockets and consume nominal power. But, their convenience is unmatched. Most of these smart switches have integrated their software solutions to work with apps and home assistant speakers.

Not only do you get voice-based control but also smart features like remote access to switches, surge protection, travel convenience (different voltage settings per country) and much more. These are the future of voltage stabilisers but unfortunately not an easy option to find. They are barely available in most countries and initial tech adoption comes at a cost, few would like to bear.

Electric tomorrow

The world is powered by electricity each day. From your gadgets to your wearables and even your travel, everything will be powered by electric energy. It will take time for any nation to have a complete electrical solution for every other energy source in use. But we are heading there.

Electric energy powers us all

In this era of technology, we will have more and more devices plugged to our power sources than our existing sockets can handle. And as you progress in the universe of technology, remember to safeguard your beloved gadgets from the same thing that powers them.

Choose the option that suits you best and is power secured.

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