How To Factory Reset An iPhone Or iPad

Our guide on resetting your iOS device

If you have an iPhone or iPad and wish to factory reset it, you have landed on the right page. You might want to factory reset your iPhone or iPad for several reasons. You may want to sell it or pass it on to someone you know or just want to wipe it clean for a new setup. It is essential to know exactly how to reset iPhone or iPad and we will explain that in detail.

Resetting your iPhone or iPad will erase the data it contains. It is recommended you take a backup of your device before you initiate a factory reset. You can backup your device via iTunes or iCloud. Factory reset will erase all the data and settings of your device. Here are some easy ways to factory reset your iPhone or iPad. Whatever way you choose, remember to turn off Find my iPhone (or iPad) option from iClouds setting before you begin.

Resetting your device through settings

This is the easiest method of resetting your iPhone or iPad. Post your backup, head over to the iPhone or iPad’s Settings —> General —> Reset. You will have several options displayed here. Choose Erase All Content and Settings and select Erase iPhone (or iPad).

how to reset iPhone
Resetting will require your password

Selecting any option will prompt for your passcode (if you’ve set up Touch ID) for security reasons. Resetting the device to factory defaults does take a few minutes, be patient. Once done, you will be greeted with a Hello screen, just the way you were greeted when you bought an iPhone or iPad for the first time.

How to reset iPhone (or iPad) through iTunes

Connect your iPhone or iPad to your computer via the lightning cable. Ensure that you are running the latest version of iTunes. Select your connected device icon and iTunes will display a brief info of your device under the Summary tab. Select the option Restore iPhone (or iPad). You will be prompted to create a backup. In case you haven’t taken a backup, this is your chance.

Restore your iPhone and remember to back up when prompted

Confirm Restore and the process will initiate. It may take several minutes to restore your device. Be patient and do not disconnect your device during this process. Also, ensure that your computer does not shut down during this process. If everything goes right, you will be greeted with the aforementioned Hello screen.

Resetting options and what they do

If you reset your iPhone or iPad through the in-device settings menu, you are given several options. Let’s take a look at each option and know what they do:

1. Reset All Settings

This will only erase your settings

This option allows users to clear all their settings. It will erase any custom settings and also clear your Wi-Fi passwords. While all your settings are erased, your pictures, videos, app and other content will be left untouched. This is an easy method to reset your device while maintaining your crucial data.

2. Erase All Content and Settings

iPhone and iPad reset settings
This will totally erase your iPhone or iPad

This is the option described above. It will wipe your device clean. Remember to take a backup of your device before you chose this option. This will erase all your settings, pictures, videos, app and all the content saved on the device.

3. Reset Network Settings

If you are experiencing issues with your Wi-Fi connectivity or data connections, choose this option. This will erase your network settings and clear network cache. You will end up losing your Wi-Fi passwords, though. Choose wisely.

4. Reset Keyboard Dictionary

Is your iPhone or iPad displaying weird suggestions while typing? If yes, you can choose to clear the keyboard dictionary and start afresh. No more predicting sex when you type sec!

5. Reset Home Screen Layout

You might not use this option ever. We usually customise our device home screens with favourite or frequently used apps. This option allows you to clear your home screen and change it back to the default one. Why would you want to do it, is still unknown.

6. Reset Location & Privacy

Many users set up custom privacy and location settings. There are times when these settings do not function the way we want them to. This option allows you to clear your privacy and location settings to default. Every other setting and content will be safe.

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