How To Download Amazon Prime Videos For Offline Viewing In India

Enjoy offline videos from Amazon, no matter where you are

Amazon is an e-commerce major offering Prime services with free delivery and exclusive deals but suddenly it is everywhere. From artificial intelligence to just about everything related to tech is suddenly Amazon (or Alexa) powered. The recently introduced Amazon Prime Video subscription allows its users to download Amazon Prime Videos to view offline.

This is a great feature to have in a country like India, a first among its competition. This makes it the only video streaming service that offers offline viewing. Here’s how you can download Amazon Prime videos on your devices.

Download Amazon Prime Videos using apps

Download the Amazon Prime video app on Play Store for Android devices and App Store for iOS devices. Sign in with your Amazon account and select Try Prime for a month of free subscription. When you are subscribed to Prime services, the app will greet you with the available video content.

download amazon prime videos
Offline videos for everyone

Select the movie or series of your choice and you are given options to Watch Now or Download to watch offline later. There are tonnes of information displayed. These include actor and movie details, goofs, quotes and IMDB ratings. Select Download to download videos for offline viewing.

The Prime video service allows users to choose the video resolution you want to download, with a brief on each selection’s size. We’ve found that Best is a 720p resolution video, Better is 480p and Good is 360p.

You can also set one of these as a default so you don’t have to think and/or tap every time you download a new video.

Downloads organises your offline content

Your offline content is organised in the Downloads section, which can be accessed by swiping from left to right on the main app menu. If you have an SD card in your device, the app will allow you to select that as your default save location. This setting can be edited later through the settings menu.

Also, if you’re watching a series, the Amazon video player remembers your last viewed episode with time stamps. The app also shows a brief description in case you get puzzled by episode numbers when downloading. Once viewed, these episodes and movies can be deleted by clicking the bin icon.

Amazon Prime Video on televisions

For Smart TVs with Android OS, the Amazon Prime Video app can be sideloaded. Attach a hard drive to your television to install the apk file and enjoy the goodness of offline video viewing. Amazon Prime on a smart television is by far the cheapest video streaming service on large displays. With support for offline viewing, this service has the potential to revolutionise video streaming services.

A bold step

Amazon has taken a bold step by allowing to download Amazon Prime Videos for its Prime subscribers. They still have to improve their video encryption and screen capture protection, though. As for the end users, this app is an absolute win.

In a country like India, where we struggle for bandwidth, offline video viewing is pure bliss.

We hope the likes of Netflix and other content providers come up with offline video viewing soon.

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