How To Buy The Right Fitness Band For Every Type Of Individual

Which fitness tracker band is right for you

We could list the best fitness bands for you. Maybe we should, but that is not the point for today. Fitness bands are the trend of this era. Whether you follow a daily workout regime or want health info at a glance, fitness bands make sense. Since the past few years, the attention to health has amplified manifolds. This is the key reason behind the demand for fitness bands and fitness trackers craze.

Fitness bands come in many shapes, sizes and prices. The many options on sale are overwhelming for anyone. Let’s understand which fitness band is the best for you?

First time, minimalistic and simple user

If you are someone who is taking the leap into fitness bands for the first time or want something minimalistic, what should you look out for? Based on your budget, you can select something with or without a display. Do your research beforehand since not every fitness band is the best at tracking your movements. In today’s era, almost every fitness band will be paired with your smartphone to collect activity data and help you analyse further.

Simplistic fitness trackers are great for minimal aesthetics

If you are tied to an affordable budget or want to test the waters before you sail, you can opt for something like Xiaomi’s Mi Band 2. If you want quality and minimalistic approach, Fitbit Flex 2 is made for you. These are just a few, the market is filled with many fitness bands. Choose wisely with some research. These slim bands are lightweight and aesthetic to go with any of your outfits. If you want non-intrusive fitness tracking, these bands are available in your choice of colour and perfect for anyone.

Serious fitness aficionados

If you are someone who wants a fitness band to analyse your fitness levels on a daily basis, you need more tech. Fitness bands are loaded with sensors and the more there are, the more data they collect. Though, it is not always about the sensors. Their accuracy depends on the software that collects that data and the quality of sensors. Also, you might want something qualitative to withstand your fitness regime.

Fitness enthusiasts need bands that match their regime

If you are a hardcore fitness enthusiast or someone passionate about changes in your fitness levels, these sensors loaded fitness bands make sense for you. In case you are wondering what sensors to look for, consider heart rate sensors, GPS connectivity, accelerometer and many others. Do note that most of these sensors in a small fitness band will surely cost substantially more than any entry-level fitness bands. Also, trying to find ultra-affordable bands with all the sensors might result in inaccurate data.

Master of all trades or fitness tracking smart-watches

If you are someone like me who gets confused with multiple options, a smartwatch with fitness features is one you need. The good part about most smartwatches is user-defined digital display with space for many sensors. Also, you have several options to choose from. From different shapes, sizes and brands, smartwatches with fitness features are masters of all trade.

Smartwatches are a perfect balance of utility and style

Interchangeable belts on the Apple Watch can match your attire and occasion. Similarly, branded watch makers like Tag Heuer have also entered the smart-fitness watch segment for watch enthusiasts. The options in this segment are plenty and increasing each passing quarter. What you get is a plethora of features, smartphone companion, a modern looking watch and one gadget that can do it all.

One that suits you

There is abundant content on the internet to help you visualise the fitness band or watch that suits you best. You can also experience most of these fitness bands or watches, in many retail stores. Although, it would be good to analyse your usage before making a buying decision. If you like minimal design and value aesthetics, smaller fitness bands or trackers are what you must look at. For fitness enthusiasts, select the one that best suits your personality alongside maximum sensors and features.

If you want something cool that tracks your fitness and perform basic phone functionality, smartwatches with fitness features are meant for you. No matter what you chose, stay healthy and stay fit.

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