How To Buy A New Smartphone And Not Lose Sleep Over It

Your phone should be your unique choice

Smartphone, a mobile gadget that keeps us connected wherever we go. Your smartphone is not just a phone but your medium to connect with anyone virtually. You might be reading this on your smartphone and thinking to upgrade to a newer phone. The want to get the best smartphone at a certain price is a never ending process. The life of a smartphone is a limitation, considering that it is one of the most used gadget in our everyday life.

Smartphones are nothing but portable computing device. The better it is, the faster it helps with computing tasks. Every year or so, we end up in the loop of choosing the best smartphone for ourselves. If not you, there are people around you facing this dilemma. Here is your guide to buying a smartphone.


When you want to buy a smartphone, the first thing you ought to check is your finances. Smartphones are available in varied prices and there is always the most value for money offering within your budget. Thanks to recent competition, smartphone offerings at low budgets are efficient enough to take on tasks considered possible only on flagship models.

Check your finances before making an important tech investment

The performance graph is almost at a level playing field across several budget offerings. Check your finances and set a budget you wish to max out. The easiest way to set a budget is to look at the current phone you own and try to get a smartphone at similar or slightly higher price. This ensures mental and social satisfaction when upgrading. The sane way is to get the best value as per your needs.


When you think of a smartphone, think of all the things you wish to do on your new smartphone. If the answer is basic needs, think before you spend. Knowing what you want is a hard answer but would make a world of difference in smartphone choice. For e.g.: If you have a budget of XYZ and you wish to pursue your itch for photography, choosing a phone with the best camera in that price range should be your priority.

Choose a phone that suits your lifestyle

Make a list of all the priorities and possible utilities of your new phone. Your choice for a smartphone will be much clearer. Once you have the budget and possible utility in place, one of the most important part is design.


Yes, design is a crucial factor to be considered when choosing a smartphone. Thanks to technological advancements, smartphones have become more gorgeous than ever. Flagship phones are beautiful and their design is passed on phones in lower segments. The amount of screen estate you want and the phone that sports it while managing to look gorgeous is the obvious choice.

Choose a phone that would be interesting to look at on a daily basis

The screen to body ratio is increasing each passing year. The design is an absolute personal choice. Choose the one that suits your needs the best. If you are someone who consumes a whole lot of media, larger displays make sense for you. You would be picking this device a dozen times daily, choose a design that does not bore you.

Features and specs

Shouldn’t this be the first choice? Some years ago, yes! In today’s era, computing power is not the primary criteria. Most phones across various price ranges can handle heavy duty multitasking and intensive gaming. Almost every phone available in the market is running a quad-core processor with over 2 gigs of RAM. Internal storage is still one of the most significant bottlenecks. 16GB ROM is now a bare minimum choice to be made. Anything above 32GB is healthy for apps and phone performance in the longer run.

With benchmark scores no longer being the primary reason to buy a smartphone, specs have taken a back seat in the picking order.

A basic rule of thumb is to choose the newest possible hardware. Also, keep a note of all the features offered by the best smartphones in the market today. This will allow you to select a smartphone that offers the most features under your allocated budget. Not only this but also make a note to choose a smartphone manufacturer with consistent software support. This ensures bug fixes and better usability in the longer run.


This might sound weird, but intuition is something most people do not listen to. If you want an iPhone but everyone around you criticises it, listen to what your intuition has to say. Listen to everyone but decide for yourself. The concept of intuition is hard to explain. If you feel something is right for you, it most likely is.

Apart from the specs, design and worldly choices, your intuition will allow you to narrow your choice of smartphone you desire. Something might be wrong for someone else but could be a perfect choice for you. Analyse your choices and choose the one that feels right for you.

Secure it

A smartphone is a digital investment and securing it is a smart move. Nothing is certain and a smartphone accident could be an expensive deal. While manufacturing warranty offers some cover for your beloved handheld gadget, it is limited, period!

Phone insurance will save you a fortune in the case of an accident

Ensure that you purchase a smartphone insurance with accidental damage as an essential package with your smartphone. With repairs as low as INR 1000, these insurance plans are a definite no-brainer for your new smartphone. Not only do they offer peace of mind but also save you tons of moolah in the case of accidents.

The paradox of choice

Remember these points as choosing a smartphone is now a constant choice based on your usage patterns. Hardware, design, software and features are updated every few months. A new smartphone will last you only as long as your needs exceed your smartphone capabilities.

Most phones can last years, but manufacturers stop supporting their older phones and hence, upgrading your smartphone becomes a forced choice. What would not change are the points mentioned above. Share this article with someone on the verge of choosing a smartphone or bookmark this page for your own self. Either way, be smart when choosing a smartphone. And whatever you buy, enjoy it.

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