Hardware v/s Software: Who Is Winning The Battle Right Now?

Capable hardware coupled with intelligent adaptive software is the future we desire

Remember the case of OnePlus 5 and 5T? The latter launched as a successor to OnePlus 5 within 6 months of the 5’s release date. Hardware changes are evolving at an alarming rate. But, is the software able to utilise these changes at the same rate? Take a look at Android versions to understand the context of this article. Android Oreo is the latest version of Android, announced almost a year ago from the writing of this article. A large chunk of Android phones are still awaiting their Oreo update.

In fact, a major portion of Android users is yet awaiting Nougat update! Not too long from now, Android Oreo Go and Android P will release for the Pixel line-up. If recent history has taught us anything, expect these versions on a fraction of Android phones as compared to the entire Android user base. Apple has been consistent on this end, but with the pressure to deliver the iPhone X in a stipulated time, they are goofing up as well.

This scenario is not limited to smartphones. Same is the situation for most tech product segments.

Will they ever be in sync?

The hardware of a phone or any gadget is only as useful as their software. The first touchscreen phone was launched by IBM in 1992. Thanks to the lack of technical advancements and software awareness, it was a failure. Decades later, an average smartphone is touch enabled! Computing power has been evolving but the software consistently felt out of sync.

A sync between hardware and software will boost technological advancements

Take the case of Google Glass project as an example. The hardware and the concept were straight out of some sci-fi movie. Augmented/Virtual/Mixed reality was not ready and is still struggling to make a mark as a consumer product/service. Hardware has mostly led the race and software is usually catching up and at times vice-versa.

The sync is now slowly happening. We know competition improves the parties competing. Thus when either of them advances, the other will be forced to compete for its presence. Either has to exist for each other’s meaningful existence.

Hardware and software are dependent on each other

In our world the software is as good as the hardware can be. In the same manner, hardware’s demand is based on the software it can improve. Our world is now prepared to create the best of both worlds. Or at least, has understood the importance and improves each passing day.

What was considered impossible a few years from now, is possible much quicker. In 2017, we saw phones evolve, currencies evolve and innumerable other things are evolving at an alarming rate. The world is changing rapidly, thanks to technology. If our world is now dictated by hardware and software, the importance of technology cannot be ignored. This applies to the hardware and software scenario as well.

Fun Fact: The Motion Picture Academy refused to nominate Tron (1982) for a special-effects award because, according to director Steven Lisberger, “The Academy thought we cheated by using computers”

Technological evolution

We are stuck in an endless loop of technological evolution. The hardware and software of everything we use on a regular basis are constantly changing. If the balance is struck right, we will soon see sci-fi become reality. Know your hardware and software changes, update and upgrade your gadgets to stay in sync with these changes. It is the need of the hour. Hardware and software will always compete to make our tech lives more meaningful. Remember, competition is healthy for the end users, us.

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