When Is It A Good Time To Buy A New Phone?

Every fortnight we are treated with new smartphone launches. Hence, when we or anyone we know are on the verge of upgrading to a new smartphone, we are confused. With so many options available for every budget, we are always stuck in a dilemma. Although our guide will help you clear the air, let’s understand the timeframe – when.

It does not matter when we start the search for a new phone, there is always a better phone around the corner. Is there ever a good time to buy? Let’s understand the factors that help us streamline the appropriate time to buy a new smartphone.

How badly do you need a new phone?

Buying a new smartphone is either an unavoidable or an optional choice. In case of accidents or untimed incidents, you might need a smartphone right away. This is when your timeframe is limited and your budget constrained. If it’s an optional choice, you could consider a timeframe of upgrade and build your budget to make it happen.

What is your timeframe?

If you need a phone right away, you might want to consider what is available rather than wait for what is about to come. Smartphone launch dates are based on the manufacturer’s readiness to handle a new smartphone’s sales and service infrastructure. Hence, quite a few phones go on sale weeks after their official launch date. If you have limited time, consider phones that are already available.

Pick the right time by making tough choices

In case you can wait, anticipate the phones that might go on sale within your stipulated timeframe. With leaks flowing across the internet, it is not hard to make a possible comparison with phones that are on sale.

Should you wait?

This is one of the most asked questions when anyone wants to buy a new smartphone. Considering that you can wait for a new release, understand your wait period. Most device manufacturers have two flagship launches across the year. The first half has its popular series and the second half sees a rather feature-rich flagship device launch.

Major smartphone leaks are of flagship devices as compared to mid range ones. If you are in the market for a mid-range phone, you are playing a gamble. Your wait might witness a jackpot launch or be nothing much impressive. Either way, all the best. Do read the smartphone buying list of 2017 to make a logical choice.

Beat the paradox of choice

With many choices, comes the paradox of choice. If someone has few choices, it is rather easy to decide. With more options to choose from, one is always stuck or put off from making a decision. Not only will you take more time than your timeframe but also be stuck in an endless loop of indecision.

Picking one in a sea of options can be challenging

Sticking to your timeframe is the key to beat this paradox. This is easier said than done but is the only effective way to decide. Also, remember that smartphone launches are a never-ending process and hence making tough choices is easier than staying in a loop.

Never regret

Quoting Nemo from the movie Mr. Nobody –

Every path is the right path. Everything could’ve been anything else. And it would have just as much meaning.

Once you make a calculated decision, regret is a choice. The smartphone market is lit and a new one is always around the corner. Congratulate yourself on your purchase and enjoy your tech. In the world of technology, regret is an expensive choice, ignore it.

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