A Peep Into The Future Of Truly Wireless Charging

Wireless Charging
Cables are hindrance in device functionality

Did you notice we are rapidly adapting all our technology to wireless? What started as a means of communication has led to an evolution of just about everything that requires a cable. Freedom from cables is an inevitable future of humankind. Wireless charging is in its early stages today and works under close proximity of supported devices. Technically, it is wireless but practically, it is a hindrance in device functionality.

Let’s take an imaginative leap into the future of this technology and visualise how would the world be without any cables! This will need some positive creativity and negative sanity to electrify the future of our realm. Envision the points that follow as a peak into the future.

Wireless electricity

Sounds absurd today, I know. We encounter cables on a regular basis. Visualise a world without cables. From your phones to just about every other gadget and device you own is connected to electric ports via cables. Wireless electricity will be harmless to humans while gadgets receive a steady charge. This does not seem like a problem for devices that need little to no portability on a daily basis.

This picture would look much better without those cables

The world with wireless electricity won’t need large cable-based stations to distribute electricity. Moreover, electric plants can be further upgraded to cover a larger area. Not only will this lead to reduced wastage but also optimum energy savings.

Artistic and elegant devices

If a device does not need a power outlet to cling to, it can be placed anywhere. Renowned artists already contribute to the design of our regular products, thereby the future appearance of these gadgets is limitless. In the future, a television that can be seen from any direction can be placed in the centre of a room rather than a wall. Similarly, your future refrigerator could be a piece of art in your living room.

Wireless Iron and its convenience is the future

All of these without power ports and clean slate designs, free from the hideous cables they require today.

The future is thin and light

With wireless electrification and charging, batteries do not need to be the size they are today. One of the bulkiest parts of any portable gadget is its battery. Imagine electric cars with half the size of current batteries and phones with less than half their battery size today. Smartphones in the future will be nothing but a thin sheet of metal and glass.

They will start charging as you enter your house, office, malls, stations or airports. In the case of vehicles, roads could charge batteries as they drive on them.

Everything is always ON and charging

With wireless charging, your devices will never run out of juice. They will be always charging and always on. Would that be a convenience or not would be a personal choice. In a future where everything is on all the time, devices will only charge when required and will be always ready for any task you throw at them.

Your devices will always be ready waiting for your next input

Today’s devices have users worried when the battery percentage drops below 10%. Imagine the world with constant 80% charge on all your devices no matter where you are and what you do.

No ports

Take a look at the device you are reading this article on and you will notice that it has at least one or more ports. The future of design demands getting rid of all those ports to make a device that can go anywhere without the worries of exposing any inlet to your device’s internals. Imagine sharing your scuba diving experience with your friends, live!

Shooting your scuba dive and sharing it live could be real in no time

Devices will be made of clean sheets of metal or anything else. Thus, their design will be clean and port-less.

Unlimited range on your vehicles

Electric cars and motorcycles are limited by their battery output, at least for now. We are hoping that gas powered vehicles will soon be history. With everything electric and constantly charging via roads beneath them, vehicles will not only be light and quick but will also feature unlimited range.

RRoads will charge your next car

No more worries of filling up gas or charging your vehicles before making an unexpected turn to fulfil your curiosity to explore.

Back to reality

Cables anyone?

Today, the world is already switching to wireless music playback and age-old ports like headphone jacks are not needed as per leading tech companies. Wireless charging requires quantum leaps in research to get it right and flawless. This is possible and will evolve like any other wireless technology. Many companies are experimenting and innovating wireless charging as you read this sentence.

Apple plays a major role in defining industry standards in our reality. Samsung and others have tried their approach at wireless charging and managed to sell the gimmick without refining it. Will the iPhone 8 or X follow Samsung’s footstep or bring their own solution to the wireless charging space, is yet to be known. All we know is that a slight improvement in this technology will be a major step into the future we just imagined.

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