10 Features Every 2017 Flagship Smartphone Should Have

Every flagship smartphone this year will feature these 10 traits

Every year Flagship smartphones push the limits of smartphone possibilities. It’s 2017 and smartphone manufacturers have matured their approach. Gone are the weird gimmicky features that would appeal a few. Most companies have researched their markets in detail and decided to bring finesse to the essence of smartphone usability.

Flagship smartphones are the pinnacle of manufacturer capabilities. After years of trials and errors, manufacturers finally understand how a smartphone can be utilised to improve the ultimate user experience. Some flagship smartphones have launched and others are awaiting their reveal. While the speculations and leaks spoil the surprise, here is our check list of top 10 features you would be treated by flagship smartphones in 2017.

1. Immersive displays

LG G6 has an impressive 80% screen to body ratio with 18:9 aspect ratio. Sony Xperia XZ Premium comes with a brilliant 4K HDR display. Samsung is also promising to bring impressive and immersive curved Super AMOLED displays on their new flagship phones. With 4K becoming the new 1080p, these smartphones are all set to record and display crisp content.

Phones this year are gorgeous

Displays are not only the output medium but also the input mediums for phones. Immersive large displays packed in neat thin bezels is the design language for 2017. Be ready for some beautiful phones.

2. One port to rule them all

Rumours suggest that Apple may include USB Type-C Thunderbolt supported ports on their new iPhones and iPads. We have already seen smartphones and most other computing devices feature the Type-C USB port as it brings added functionality compared to its predecessors.

One port that does it all

If everything goes right, the world may soon witness a single port that does it all. From support for fast charging to display connectivity and faster data transfer, the potentials of USB Type-C are overwhelming.

3. Innovative charging

With power comes charging. This applies to every handheld gadget and not just smartphones. With the failure in sustainable battery research, manufacturers are supporting innovative ways to charge your phone’s existing batteries.

Innovative charging will replace conventional one

Technologies like Quick Charge 4.0 promise 5 hours of power in 5 minutes of charge. While other technologies like mCharge and VOOC fast charging promise to charge cellphone batteries in less than half the time consumed by conventional chargers. Samsung and LG flagship phones support Qi Wireless Charging and with Apple rumoured to jump on the bandwagon, this space will see some innovative charge technologies for sure.

4. Sprinters can now run marathons

2017 is also the year of some power efficient yet powerful processing packages. The average processor footprint has been cut to half as compared to the earlier years. These engineering marvels now produce more power with reduced power consumption.

Also, with new entrants in the SoC market, the competition is about to heat up. Every manufacturer is trying their hands on chipset manufacturing to control their ecosystem more effectively. It will add some complications but consumers are the eventual winners in the battle of cores.

5. Phones have two eyes too

We learn a great deal from ourselves. This applies to the human race as it applies to the use of dual camera setups in any phone. Earlier used as 3D imaging and to shift focus on images, dual camera setups have come a long way to aid a perfect picture from capable smartphones.

Dual camera setups are improving visual content

Dual camera setups today range from monochrome capturing lens to wide angled ones and much more. Most top tier phones now feature some sort of dual camera solutions to get a perfect shot under most human circumstances. Others are increasing their smartphone lens size to do the same. Eventually, smartphones this year will encourage more visual content creation and sharing.

6. Everyone has a personal assistant now

Apple has Siri, while LG, OnePlus, Sony have Google Assistant and Samsung is about to introduce Bixby. Motorola might feature Amazon’s Alexa in an over-the-air update. Almost every major manufacturer and everyone else rolling on Android Nougat will support Google’s Voice Assistant AI or something similar.

You don’t have to shout at your phone while giving instructions

2017 onwards, be ready to feel a bit special as your phone acts as your personal assistant. Speak a series of commands to your phone to perform tasks and converse with the assistant for it to machine-learn your behaviour. This is the age of advanced system learning and you are the vital key to it all.

7. Rugged phones than last long

Samsung and Motorola have been doing this for quite some time, but other manufacturers have swiftly caught up. Flagship phones cost a bomb and they better be durable when conditions demand them to be.

Smartphones built to last in any condition

Apple, Sony and LG have followed this trend by introducing water and dust resistant capabilities on their flagship phones. Manufacturers want you to worry less and use your smartphone to its fullest potential. From the best of Gorilla Glass protection to curved displays for impact protection, smartphones are now rugged than ever before.

8. A better virtual world awaits you

Ever wondered what other things can a better display do? Mobile VR (Virtual Reality) is the easiest access to the world of VR. With Smartphone displays going 18:9 (2:1) and 4K HDR, the world of VR seems a whole lot better than it has been in the past years.

Your phone is a gateway to VR dimension

Elongated displays with perfect symmetry will enhance VR experience for sure. That said, Samsung has also released wireless controllers for better VR content consumption, gaming and much more.

9. Headphone Jack: will they, won’t they?

When Apple removed the 3.5mm headphone jack from their last year’s flagship phones, the world feared. Will the headphone jack be history, was a question that ringed everyone’s mind. Thankfully, that is not the case.

The beloved headphone jack is here to stay. Every recent flagship features a headphone port and Apple’s claim about it consuming precious space inside the shell has been shattered. Manufacturers have proved that phones can be sleek, thin, have larger displays in a smaller shell and still have a headphone jack. Nothing can ease the pain of unwanted noise like a pair of headphones and soul thumping music.

10. It’s not about the money

We live in a world of steady yet uncontrolled inflation. Parts to build a smartphone cost money and these aren’t getting cheaper, year-on-year. If the projected calculations are to be believed, buying a flagship device this year will definitely blow a hole in your wallet.

Yes, EMI options and cash back offers will encourage you to take the leap, but a flagship phone would cost you a bomb nonetheless. The bridge between luxury and flagship phones is slowly diminishing. Owning a flagship phone is nothing but a luxury and that comes at a price.

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