6 Fantastic Travel Apps For OnePlus Users, To Organise & Plan Your Next Vacation

Love traveling with family and friends? Or even solo? Own a OnePlus phone? Well, you’ve arrived at your destination! We’re here to simplify your task of planning, organising and sorting through your list of travel needs. Only, we’ll do it via apps.

So, which apps are the best for travel lovers? Let’s explore together!

1. Travel planning app

If you’re about to embark on a journey to a place you’ve never visited, then Google Trips has to be your app of choice. It recommends the most popular places, day plans as well as nearby attractions to where you’re staying.

Since it’s a Google app, it will rely on emails received on your Gmail account to make recommendations. The best part? It also lets you download an entire trip for offline access if data on roaming is unavailable.

Google also came up with an online portal to book experiences, called Touring Bird. Although limited to about 20 cities right now, it is worth checking out.

2. Travel planning, organising and much more

While Google Trips is fine for organising day plans and such, TripIt: Travel Planner takes it a step further. Not only will this app recommend you local hotspots and eateries, but it also lets you share your plans to your calendar or your contacts, alerts you for flight changes, sends reminders for check-ins and provide interactive maps of terminals.


Just like Google Trips, the app can read your emails and sort out flight and hotel booking emails. You can this app to get to those quicker, rather than trying to search for them in a crowded inbox. The pro version of this app is feature-loaded and will be beneficial to those who are regular travelers.

3. Translation apps

Another category where Google reigns supreme. No one has quite cracked the code for translating like Google. The Google Translate app will prove beneficial every time you take a trip to a foreign land where you don’t speak the local language.

Confused with street signs and food menus? Easy, point your camera at it and the app will translate it automagically. Even when you’re trying to converse with locals who don’t understand you, this app can help with two-way instant speech translation in 32 languages.

4. Food discovery & recommendation apps

If making plans to visit local tourist spots is hard, finding good places that can appeal to your taste buds can be even harder. Without a proper meal, you can’t enjoy any destination fully. To overcome this quandary, we recommend Tripadvisor.

Primarily used to check out hotels in new locations and get the best rates, it is also a great platform to check out restaurants.

5. Local transport apps

While Uber is now operating in more countries and continually expanding its operations, your best bet to get cheaper local transport options will still be Google Maps. Simply select a starting point and the destination and then choose the Public Transport option. It will list out exactly how you can get there by hopping to the nearest available local transport.

Fun fact: Uber plies its trade in 78 countries, in 600 different cities and averages about 15 million rides per day.

If you wish to avoid crowded buses and trains, then Uber is your best bet. If you’re in a country where Uber doesn’t ply, then ask the hotel staff. Usually, there is a local app-based cab service available in many countries.

6. Cheap stays

Splurging on luxury hotels may not be everyone’s cup of tea, so where can you find the cheapest accommodations? While Airbnb has made a mark everywhere, it might not work in every location. For such places, we have seen apps like WeGo can be your best option. Hotel and hostel aggregators like Tripadvisor are also a good option.

Packing up?

We hope you can our recommendations useful and can plan your next trip with some of these. If you have better options than the ones listed, comment in the section below and help out fellow travellers.

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