Here Is The Correct Way To Charge Your Gadgets

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Let's know your device batteries and how to charge them effectively

What a time to be alive! Technology has eased our lives with powerful yet efficient devices. If that was not enough, data speeds and its affordability are encouraging us to live our dream. One thing that seems dated in this wireless era is battery technology. Our wireless devices rely on batteries and charging them takes us back to the wired reality of our past.

Charging our mobile phone and gadget batteries is thus a never-ending process. Even today, connecting our devices to their charging ports is still a manual and tedious task. The easiest method which most of us follow is an overnight charge with the supplied charger. It makes life easier but is it the right practice for our gadgets?

We are only as smart as our awareness about something. Let us try to understand our gadget batteries to maintain a healthy wireless present.

Battery calibration:

Most of our gadgets use Lithium-ion batteries and this tech has existed for ages. Thankfully, our batteries now have the tech to avoid overheating and overcharging. Yet, these batteries will only perform as good as their calibration. In simple words, ‘a battery must understand to operate optimally at all levels of battery percentage.’

Tip: When you purchase a new device, let the device’s battery drain before you charge it. Charge the device to 100% and let it drain all the way. Charge it to 100% and repeat this cycle 7-8 times. That should be enough time for a battery to calibrate. This practice will assure that your gadget performs at its best.

Charging your device’s battery:

After completing your calibration cycles, ensure that your device does not fall below 10% before you charge it. Also, when you charge your gadget, try to assure that it does not exceed 80% every time. 10%-80% is the ideal charge for any Lithium-ion battery.

Tip: Try to charge your phone and gadget batteries intermediately. Also, try and avoid a single full charge or discharge on your lithium-ion batteries. Intermediate charges will not only keep the battery healthy but also keep your battery calibration levels aware.

Cables matter:

While the system is stuck on Lithium-ion batteries, the tech to charge them improves ever so slightly each passing year. These technologies help you charge your devices much faster than normal charging solutions. When a cable carries more voltage than usual, it has to be capable enough to do so. Cables with poor quality won’t sustain for long. Their failure will result in your loss.

Cables can be considered as the bridge between two important destinations

Tip: Read description before you purchase a new cable. Also, cables are subject to wear and tear. Invest wisely to assure safe and fast charging for all your gadgets. Treat them like car tyres. You would not compromise your safety, would you?

Battery life cycle:

Batteries degrade over a period of time and usage. Today’s battery technology ensures that users will not have to face the degrade for a couple of years at the very least. But, power users might exhaust their battery life cycles. This also stands true if you’ve purchased a refurbished device. Calculate your usage to be sure of your gadget’s battery life cycle.

Tip: If you travel a lot or consider yourself as a power user, you might outrun your device battery life cycle much earlier than normal users. Opting for a new battery makes sense when your device battery starts to degrade.

Battery technology:

There are several battery technologies being tested across the globe as you read this article. Most of which are high risk, high rewards. Also, with Apple entering the wireless charging scenario, we can expect better outcomes as time comes.

Battery charging methods are stuck in the past and need a boost in research

Wireless technology has its own challenges and implementations. A wireless world will only be real when we can truly charge our devices without the current limitations. Share this article with your dear ones to spread the awareness. We hope that battery technology improves with time, until then, ensure your devices are charged.

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  1. Thanks to this article of calibration of the device, I came to know my device had a faulty motherboard which I got replaced by the company.

  2. Nice article… Need to be pasted in customer waiting area all over Service centers… It will really help for end users..


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