When Should You Change The Filter Of Your Water Purifier

Changing that water filter is essential, knowing when is more so!

In most cities in India, the water supply comes from the local municipality. It is treated for most harmful chemicals, but not all. And since precaution is better than cure, it makes a lot of sense to invest in a good water purifier. The mechanism for any water purifier basically consists of water input, a filter (electric or non-electric) and an outlet where the freshly filtered water can pour out of. The input and output are fairly standard tube pipes and/or taps. The filter is the main component and needs replacement every now and then. So here’s when and how to change water purifier filters.

Why should one change the filter in a Water Purifier?

A filter uses one of several techniques to purify the water coming in. It can either use carbon, charcoal or a blend of filters and electric tubes to reduce impurities. Several stages are needed with the first being a mechanical one where large enough contaminates can be filtered. Next, the really small ones stick to the filtering media and this is where they keep accumulating.

Dirty filter? You know it’s time to change it

Over time, so much of contaminants get added up that the filter won’t be able to function properly anymore.

When should you change the filter?

So this brings us to our main question. The question of when is the right time to replace the filtering mechanism of your water purifier. And the simple answer is – it all depends. On what, you ask? A number of things.

1. Replace as recommended by the brand

If you’ve purchased your water purifier from a reputed brand, they will themselves have a recommended cycle of service. Most brands have clearly defined periods for their filters to be replaced and you will do well to stick to these.

Brands have a clearly marked period for changing filters of their water purifiers.

If you happen to be one of the few who’ve purchased a water purifier which didn’t recommend any service cycle, then read below.

2. Replace when performance degraded

This should be self-explanatory but we’ll still elaborate. Whenever you notice any small particulate matter coming out of your water purifier or if you notice any smell, it’s time. If you also feel that the water output speed has decreased significantly, it might be a good indication that the filter is giving way.

If you can, check the filter yourself. If not, it makes sense to have it checked and replaced by an expert.

Choose the right cartridge

Filter cartridges aren’t the same and there is certainly no ‘one size fits all’ here. Be very careful while the technician is replacing the filter of your water purifier. It should be a certified replacement of your brand or one that is highly recommended.

The right cartridges fit perfectly

If it’s neither, then you’ll need to approach the brand directly or check if a reputed brand makes filters that can be used for yours.

Be on top of things

It’s easy to take things for granted but when it comes to the health of you and your loved ones, you should always be on top. Keep regular checks on the filter and set up reminders on your phone if need be. Never ignore checking them regularly as you might notice some decline in performance or some odour but most contaminants are odourless and colourless.

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