CES 2018 – The Event Showcasing Future Tech & Innovation

CES 2018
CES 2018 is a glimpse in the future of tech

CES (Consumer Electronics Show) is an annual trade (read tech) show organised by Consumer Technology Association. Held at the Las Vegas Convention Center, Nevada, the United States in January, the event is a massive platform for advancements in consumer technology. Large and small tech organisations showcase their innovations in products and services.

In simpler words, this show is a glimpse of our technological future. Every year, companies use this platform to showcase their future projects. Most of which make it to reality and the cycle continues every year. Thanks to the technology to finalise and mass-produce concept designs, this show is worth every bit of your attention.

Why should you attend/watch this event?

Thanks to international media and several social media platforms, this event can be experienced in real time. But, the real deal is to experience this show in person. The scale and technological marvels are overwhelming in real life. That said, why would you care about this show?

You would agree that technology around us is evolving rapidly. Phones look and click much better, laptops are powerful and thinner than before, televisions and lights have smart features, etc. The list of tech evolution seems infinite. Almost every phone this year onward will sport a large display with better/dual cameras. And, with Qualcomm announcing their newer chipset, this evolution is about to go lit.

Gadgets today have a shorter usage cycle. Phones, televisions, laptops and many gadgets are seeing better versions of themselves annually. This show is a mix of all major consumer technology and their advancements to serve a global audience.

What can we expect in 2018?

If 2017 has been so exciting, do not expect 2018 to be any less. CES will fuel the fire of technology advancements in many consumer categories.

Electric and innovative automobiles

From new to better electric cars to the technology driving them, electric automobiles will capture quite a few headlines. The future of the automotive industry is electric and knowing about what to expect is not a choice anymore. We do expect more range, premium innovative design and better feature list than the industry benchmark, Tesla.

Get ready for a new generation of electric automobiles

Also, another commercial and personal tech in automotive industry revolves around self-driving cars. Innovations in this space will be an interesting topic in 2018. If that was not enough, keep an eye on popular motor manufacturers for their new approaches towards technology. From gesture controls, AI, machine learning, innovative dashboard tech, drive enhancements and much more, motor manufacturers are on the throttle.

Advancements in the world of AR/VR/MR

Augmented, virtual or mixed reality has immense possibilities. CES has always been a playground for crazy tech ideas. AR/VR/MR need refinement from their current state. This year, the technology has advanced and there could be some amazing announcements worth reading about.

Innovative phone technology

With speculations roaming the rumour town, we hope fingerprint sensors are hidden under those gorgeous phone displays soon. That said, AI and machine learning work wonders to make phones better. CES will showcase innovative phone technologies with several new hardware and software advancements. Secure and better phones are just what we need, at least as of now.

Tech-driven B2C solutions

CES is a platform to showcase innovative venture driven solutions by businesses for consumers. That could lead to some interesting company tie-ups and innovative products. Do expect a bundle of hardware and software company ventures at the show. These could spawn in every segment of consumer product portfolio.

Thinner and better laptops

Nvidia’s Max-Q technology has empowered laptop manufacturers to produce thin yet powerful laptops. Snapdragon SoC powered laptops have insane battery life. The laptop scenario is blooming with innovative tech and CES is all set to amplify it. As with phone manufacturers (Samsung, Xiaomi, etc) and phones, we could see these thin designs and powerful internals make their way as laptops in many budget segments. Do not forget touch-enabled, high refresh rate displays with insane resolutions.

Robotics – Lots of robots

With the rise of AI and machine learning, robots are now a viable consumer tool. Robots have empowered a new industrial revolution for producing consumer goods. CES is all set to offer innovations in robotics for kids and adults.

Robotics for kids and adults will be all over CES, 2018

Expect smaller colourful robots for kids to learn on and insane robotics for adults. Exposing our new generation to access hardware and software is the need of the hour. That is how innovations emerge.

Everything under the Sun

Consumer tech has penetrated our daily walk of life. The definition of technology is to make use of tools that ease our life. CES has always been the torch bearer for consumer tech. What were concepts a few years ago, are real-life products. From cars, appliances, gadgets, robotics and everything under the sun related to consumer tech, CES is a show worth your attention.

Knowledge of what’s coming will make you smarter as a consumer. Owning and using technology is an investment to ease your life. Make a smarter decision with CES and a glimpse in the future is also nothing less than pure fun.

Loves technology and follows it passionately. A curious soul trapped in a weird dimension.


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