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How To Change The Language In Your Android Phone Keyboard

India is a diverse country with 22 national languages. With technology, it's easier to keep English as a standard language for communicating but not...

How To “Unsend” A Sent Mail Or Message And Create Self-Destructing Tweets

Most of us communicate through e-mails at work. More often, an e-mail is marked with several recipients to keep everyone in the loop. This may...

3 Crucial Steps To Take Before You Hand Over Your Smartphone For Repair

While we use our smartphones with utmost care, it is possible that you may end up damaging it. Some damage can be extensive, involving...

How To Get Your Phone Notifications On Your Laptop

A recent study compiled data from over 50,000 Push Notification campaigns and 65 billion Push Notification sent to 750 million consumers worldwide. Those are...