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Everything related to the latest mobile phone in the market to the oldest. Features, lists, recommendations, productivity hacks and more, will be covered under our Mobile category. Whether you own an Android phone or an iPhone, whether you are looking to find helpful apps or trying to find the best budget Android phone. We have expert recommendation and analysis of the mobile beat.

Mobile markets in India maturing at fast pace

The Indian consumer is now looking at better features from every phone and every phone maker in the world from Apple, Samsung, LG to Google are now paying close attention. They offer phones with better display and higher resolutions, accurate colour rendition and excellent camera sensors that reproduce brilliant images and videos. Whether it is the latest 4G phones with VoLTE or the best waterproof phones with quick charge. We have the information on all. Follow our stories on mobiles to know exactly what is happening and how this impacts you.

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why my phone is slow

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