6 Helpful Tips To Prevent Clothes From Fading

Don't worry about colour clothing for your next wash

Doing chores can be a pain. And when things don’t turn out how you wanted, chores feel like tasks best avoided. But if fading clothes from washing machines is your fear, then hang around. We have helpful tips for you that will prevent this issue from occurring on your next wash cycle.

So don’t worry about buying those red shirts that you’ve been eyeing for a while. They can still hold that colour if you are a bit more careful.

1. Reading helps

You know those labels which keep irritating your nape? Those aren’t added without reason. The main purpose of them is to indicate how you ought to wash that piece of clothing.

Reading instructions always helps

If the instructions state to wash in cold water, use that. If it specifies the type of detergent as well, then go ahead. Buy that particular detergent. In the long run, keeping your clothes looking brand new ought to matter more than these small costs.

2. Colder is better

If you are pressed for time and want to wash a bunch of clothes at the same time, then choosing the ideal temperature for the wash cycle can be confusing. It’s best to wash clothes in cold water as warm water tends to break down fibres in clothing.

3. Separate dark clothing

It’s always best to separate white and dark clothing and wash them separately, even if you are hard-pressed for time. Most clothing will always give out a little colour so it is best to wash these separately.

This should spare you from really using the more advanced features of some washing machines. Uma Thurman put it best,

My washing machine overwhelms me with its options and its sophistication.

4. Use heavy cycle sparingly

If you’re trying to remove the extra bit of dirt off your clothing there’s no need for a heavy wash cycle. A regular cycle is good enough for most stains. You only end up putting your clothes through more strain if you use the heavy cycle.

5. Jeans don’t need to go in

You know what can be skipped from the continual spinning of a washing machine? All your pair of jeans. Levi Strauss CEO Chip Bergh has gone on record to state that you can just use a sponge and a bit of detergent to clean your jeans. The more you use them in a washing machine, the less they last.

Just a light rinse for your jeans

Now there’s some food for thought! Who would’ve thunk it, lesser washing machine cleaning leads to a longer shelf life.

6. Some added magic

Two things you should add if you want to go the extra mile. The first is fabric softener. Think of it as a force field around your clothes that protects the fibres when they are tumbling around. Anything that protects your clothes from friction will help to avoid fading.

The other secret ingredient is vinegar, if you don’t have a fabric softener handy. About 118 ml per wash should do the trick. Vinegar helps in locking the colour down in the first wash of clothing and that’s when you should ideally use it.

Fade no more

These are quick and easy tips which can be followed for both front loading and top loading washing machines. We’ve already spoken about myths around washing machines. Now, these tips will prevent colours fading from your favourite piece of clothing.

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