5 Useful Tips To Help Maintain Your Home Appliances

Maintaining home appliances is key to their longevity.

Imagine a hot summer day. One where the scorching heat is unbearable. Imagine you lazing around in your home, not wanting to step out. But, the only thing that can truly give you comfort from the heat, the air conditioner, is broken down! And it’s a public holiday, so your local technician is not even answering his phone! To save yourself from such a pickle, wouldn’t it be better if you knew how to prevent such disasters?

Yes, appliances can break down. But there are a lot of things that we can do, to try and prevent them failing.

1. Proper cleaning

This point cannot be stressed upon enough. It is imperative to keep every household appliance in spic-n-span condition, especially if you live anywhere close to the sea. Since almost all appliances will have some metallic parts, it’s best to dry them off after cleaning them.

2. Regular maintenance

Just like your automobiles, even home appliances do better if they are given regular maintenance. If you can’t remember when certain appliances are due for their regular maintenance, then you can always add them to our Servify app with its original bills and reminders on Google, so you will always be ready with documentation when the service technician pays a visit.

3. Know the breaking points

If you know that your washing machine can take only 8kgs of load, then don’t ever push it beyond that limit. Every appliance is carefully stress-tested and made with certain limitations. No brand has any magic formulas to create home appliances that can withstand any kind of abuse. Also, if any appliance needs the bigger 3-point plug to work, ensure there is an outlet which can accommodate that requirement. Workarounds for appliances like a clothing iron, used only for a few minutes a day is still okay but any appliance which is running for an entire day should never be used in such a manner.

Knowing is better than fixing things – agreed?

When unsure about how much usage you can squeeze out of any appliance, always err on the side of safety. That’s a good thumb rule to have whether it is the new smart washing machine or a juicer-mixer-grinder.

4. Avoid putting stress on functionality

If an appliance is made to do 3 tasks, then do not expect it to do a 4th task. Or a 5th. Devices are always created with a standard set of functions that will work optimally if used for those. Anything beyond the scope of functionality will result in an unhappy experience, so don’t push your devices.

5. Not fixing things yourself

Even though it’s a good idea to try your hand at a little DIY, it’s best not to try it with home appliances that need technical know-how. Especially larger home appliances like split A/C which have multiple units with a lot of parts which can malfunction, and trying to fix them might only make things worse.

Maintenance is an on-going process

These tips will help you get started and keep tabs on your home appliances. However, that is only a good starting point – the hard work of actually doing some regular maintenance still lies with you. So stop slouching around and get to it! Also, share some better tips that you use in your own home.

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