App Of The Month – Google Podcast

Now enjoy your favourite Podcasts on Google's own app

As the name suggests, this is a simple podcast app by Google. It can do just about everything that you would expect from a “good” podcast app. Users can download episodes, control play speeds, skip segments, subscribe to your favorite channels, etc.

Powered by Google Assistant voice commands, Google podcast implements intelligent listening.

If the basics were not enough, this app also has support for Google Assistant voice commands. Considering that the app is a fairly new release, expect the app to have some issues and to improve as updates come.

Download Google Podcast app for the familiar clean Google layout, voice assistant support and future developments to enjoy the best podcasts across the internet. The layout is simple and sensible for easy access. Do remember that being a new app, this app will go through constant updates to overcome bugs and add features with time.

Platforms: Android (may soon release on iOS and other platforms).

Price: Free.

Stage: New, stable and updated regularly.

Month: July 2018


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