A Tailor-made Smartphone Protection Plan Like No Other

OnePlus MyPlan by Servify

Wouldn’t it be great if we received messages and notifications only for things that are truly useful for us? Is it possible to have customised experiences for each user in this digital age? Let’s take smartphone protection plans as an example. Does giving the same benefits of a plan to every consumer, work for all of them? Even if it means paying a higher price, when it may not really be pertinent for them?

Servify’s interactions with end-users over the past several years has revealed one message loud and clear: One size DOESN’T fit all. So why shouldn’t consumers have more choice? Why can’t they pick the benefits, the duration, the type of coverage? Of course they should, and now they will. With the roll-out of an Industry first: a fully customisable plan to protect your smartphone.

The Fully Customisable ‘MyPlan’

While it makes perfect sense in investing in a phone insurance plan, choosing only the benefits that appeal most to consumers is not an option for them. But why should that be a limiting factor, when we have essentially transformed the sector. Servify has an Industry defining process to digitise submission of claims with our e-claim form, which excludes the need of filling and signing a physical claim form. Servify has also built consumer apps and web solutions which make it easy to submit service requests, allowing users to choose the date and time for a convenient home pick-up and also keeping track of the request.

The next phase in this transformation is now here. One where consumers decide what benefits are most useful to their lifestyle. Whether they want their smartphone covered for a few months or years. Whether they want international coverage rolled in or not. A bespoke solution for everyone.

It’s called ‘MyPlan’. Where consumers call the shots to choose the type of coverage, tenure, and the type of services needed during a damage event. This will allow them to pay for exactly what they need. Now just imagine, where you, as a consumer, can create and customise a Protection Plan for your smartphone, based on what you think is of value, and, you pay just for that.

Pay only for the services/benefits you choose.

  • Just want to cover screen damage and not the rest? Select and pay ONLY for that.
  • Don’t want to pay for an entire year, since you upgrade quicker? Select a duration for LESSER term.
  • Want to choose how many damage instances should be covered? Pick the NUMBER you want.
  • Want to extend the warranty of the smartphone you purchased? Simply ADD the Extended Warranty.
  • Do you need a loaner device while your phone is in service? Great, CHOOSE that option.
  • Want a guaranteed exchange price for your device and we buy back your device? ADD Assured Buy Back.
  • Wish to extend global coverage since you travel a lot? Well, you can SELECT that too.

The possibilities are limitless.

Servify has come a long way from digitising the claim process – with being the first in the Industry to offer such an offering, to allow our customers to take total control of the product they purchase. Servify’s endeavour is to constantly improve the products we offer by leveraging technology which leads to simplifying processes and bringing transparency in the entire transaction, thus, fostering consumer loyalty.

Made to order

The MyPlan solution is currently rolled out in partnership with OnePlus in India. Currently available with the purchase of the OnePlus 7 and OnePlus 7 Pro, there are more brand partnerships in consideration. The affordability of the plan is also being explored by way of monthly payments.

Stay tuned!

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