Is 2018 The Best Year For Computing?

Is 2018 the best year for computing?

Computing is the use of computers. Computers are electronic machines that can process data, store and access data, perform calculations, analyse and solve different problems, and do it all faster and efficiently than an average intelligent human. Most of us were born among computing devices. The point that you are reading this article signifies the presence of computers in our lives.

Computers come in all shape and sizes. Smartphones are the best example of computers available in small form factors. We are engulfed by computing devices around us.

Computers come in varied shapes and sizes

Each year technological advances are penetrating our lives even before we realise their impact. Every other year we were left content with compromises via incremental computing upgrades. But 2018 is shaping out to be one of the best years for computing. Here’s why:

Improved and efficient processors

Thanks to competition in all segments of computing, SoCs and core processors are faster and efficient than ever before. For the past few years, the hardware scenario saw many improvements but it never looked as promising as it is this year. From affordable gadgets to high-end premium tech, computing performance is good across the board.

The newer generation of Intel, AMD, NVIDIA and Snapdragon processors are bringing a production design overhaul across various tech segments. Slimmer devices with sturdy builds and efficient architectures are like sprinters running a marathon. Newer processors are much faster and consume lesser energy. FinFET technology and many such innovations have empowered modern processors to be capable enough to handle future computing demands.

AI and Machine-learning enabled software

All of a sudden, the terms AI and machine-learning are thrown in just about every context of our tech lives. These concepts exist for many decades yet this year they go mainstream. Technology is for everyone but then the use of tech differs from individual to individual. AI and machine-learning algorithms facilitate optimum results with efficacy.

AI-powered VR is a tool for education, science and entertainment

This not only aids the novice users but also enhances power usage. Also, these terms can be applied to many facets of our technological journey. AI and machine learning are helping increase productivity across various fields. From efficient unblemished machines to crop yields, AI and machine learning are applicable everywhere.

Better value for money

With the intense competition and technological advancements, users now get much better value for their hard earned money. Let us understand this with an example. A dozen years ago, the Nokia N93 cost over INR 30,000. You can get a much better smartphone for half that price today. With time and technology’s growth, comes production efficiency.

This efficiency thus results in value addition for the asking price. Elongated display phones are affordable and better performers than their predecessors. Laptops this year come with 6 and 8 core processors. People with tight budgets can get a decent machine and powerful computers are attainable by everyone nowadays.

Speeds we dreamed of

A few years ago, 5GHz clock speeds were only seen in overclocking competitions with DIY liquid nitrogen setups. Today Intel’s ‘K’ line of processors can reach 5GHz on any form of air cooling! Newer technology has amplified the speed at which data is transmitted across computer components. SSDs and NVME drives boost read and write speeds on storage solutions, which were considered as the slowest components of any build.

Faster storage eliminates speed bottlenecks for modern day computing

Not only has the core and bus speeds accelerated but so have wireless data speeds. Today’s computing devices are much faster and even better at fun-related activities. Technology has accelerated performance speeds, we earlier only dreamed about. This is a necessity for our creative realm.

Better tomorrow

If 2018 is an indicator of the cool things to come, a better tomorrow is a guaranteed surety. Faster, efficient and mind-blowing gadgets are an anticipated reality. Slimmer laptops, longer lasting gorgeous fast phones, smart sensor based appliances and a limitless internet speed based realm already exist today.

A better tomorrow awaits, all you have to do is – Press Start

Technology will empower computing which will, in turn, contribute to the growth of humanity as a species. Also, we will require faster data and computing speeds to sustain our growth. AR and VR entertainment will soon become tools for a creative generation. With all this data to render and share, our computers look ready to tackle complexities thrown at them. Innovations and creative implementations will only amplify our computing prowess further. A better tomorrow awaits us all.

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