How To Fix A Wet Smartphone During Monsoons In India


We live in a dynamic atmosphere and experience most seasons in India. From soaring heat to rainfalls to spine-chilling winters, India is exposed to them all. Not only do we have to take care of ourselves, but also the gadgets we carry on a daily basis. Our phones are a part of our digital self and most of us feel incomplete without it.

Rains are inevitable and so are its effects on our handheld gadgets. If your phone gets wet or already is, this is your guide to revive and save your phone. Following are the most popular options. Here is a list of things to do before you start:

  1. Power off your device. If it is already knocked out, do not try to power it on. Point no. 2 is where you start.
  2. Open all the ports. If the phone has a removal back, open it. Remove the SIM card(s) and SD card while keeping the ports open.
  3. Wrap the phone in the fluffiest towel you have and carefully clean the water from all the ports (USB, Headphone connector, SIM slots, SD card slot and any other port, if any).
  4. Place it at room temperature in a dry environment and read on.

Things you should not do

Do not keep the phone under direct sunlight or try to dry it with a hair dryer or try to heat it in the oven. Also, do not place it directly under a fan or air conditioner’s air flow. Any heat or air may build up moisture and do more harm than good.

Things you can do

  1. Avail a protection plan beforehand

    It’s 2017 and phones need insurance too. If you have not availed a protection plan, you might be surprised to know the benefits of having one. Many manufacturers have protection plans and some also provide liquid damage protection.

    Manufacturers usually do not accept liquid damage repairs. Protection plans with liquid damage protection are absolute life savers for your smartphones (the ones that have such protection plans). If you have one, avail it even if your device powers on. The service engineers can check your device and replace affected parts.

  2. Rice therapy

    A rather popular wet-phone-revival therapy is dry rice therapy. After the basic steps, you fill a bowl with dry uncooked rice and dip your phone in it.

    Dip your phone in rice and hope it works

    Submerge the phone and let it stay there for 48 hours. Keep the bowl in a dry and moisture free space. Raw rice absorbs moisture from your gadget and you may have a chance to revive your device.

  3. Silicon packet therapy

    Remember those little packets you receive when you order something online? These small packets contain silicon gel balls to keep out moisture from your package. You can store these or get them easily at your nearest stores.

    Desiccant drying paper packets are an alternative method to dry your device

    These can be used as an alternative to uncooked rice. Get enough packets to submerge your device into a heap of packets. Keep it in a dry place for 48 hours. These are a modern day alternative to get that moisture out of your device.

  4. Alcohol therapy

    This may sound a bit too interesting. If the device gets submerged in water, you could submerge the device in a glass full of alcohol. Alcohol has properties to help water moisturise with itself. You can try the other steps if this doesn’t help.

  5. In case of salt water accident, wash your device with fresh water

    Yes, you read that right. Beach accidents and many other saltwater accidents can happen at any time. In such a case, quickly rinse your device with fresh tap water. When salt water evaporates, it may leave salt contents behind causing severe damage to your phone internals. After this, you can try the above-mentioned steps to revive your phone.

    Believe in luck?

    Hope you do. Reviving a phone or gadget with liquid damage is related to the term luck. We wish you all the luck in the world as you try and dry your device.

    Newer phones are waterproof but other gadgets might not be

    Newer phones and many handheld gadgets are getting sturdier with water protection built-in. There is something about luck and you might end up needing this guide. We sincerely hope you do not need it, although knowledge presented here is to share.

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