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Feature stories on everything related to technology and gadgets. Want to know the best Android phones to buy in a budget? Or aren't sure what exactly is Augmented Reality (AR) and how it differs from Virtual Reality (VR)? Our features present the facts and explain in simple terms how the latest technology can affect the life of ordinary people. Or how anyone can make use of this technology for optimal use.

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Our feature stories cover the length and breadth of the ever-changing landscape of technology and we will decipher the most complex terms in the simplest manner. We also want to present interesting ideas and thoughts that can empower your device ownership experience without burdening you at any time. Follow our stories, which not just focus on the latest smartphones launched in India but also about apps, services, laptops, iPhones and a whole lot more.

Personal Assistant Apps: What Are They And How To Use Them

I remember as a kid discovering Batman for the first time and feeling fascinated with the gadgets he kept using. Bruce Wayne was rich...

What Is CES And Why Should Anyone Care For It

Walt Disney once famously stated, What ever you do, do it well. Do it so well that when people see you do it they will...
oxygen os for oneplus

Oxygen OS On The OnePlus 3T Just Got Better: Here Are 5 Reasons Why

In the world of Android phones, manufacturers make their devices stand out from the rest by offering their own customised version of the OS....